Survivor: Nicaragua premiers Sept 15(next Wednesday)!

Well, I guess it sucks if you are a great contestant and you are in your 30’s. This Fall’s Survivor includes no 30 year-olds, opting for those under 30 and those over 40.

I don’t mind the idea, actually. I’m glad that some “older” people are going to get a good shot at the game. Survivor, as many reality shows, does come under fire for having mainly young people in it.

Having Jimmy Johnson, though, seems lame.

I also see they are changing the hidden immunity idol clues, since Russell found them easily in his first game. The clues will be visual instead of written.

Not sure about this “medallion of power” idea. Apparently, one team gets a medallion of power and this gives them some sort of advantage in the challenges. I have no idea how they earn the medallion, but it seems weird.

Oh, we have a pool going as well. It’s free and easy to sign-up for. There is a thread in the Game Room, but the key info is:

Fun Office Pools - Go there to sign up. Make an account if you don’t have one. They don’t SPAM you.

Name of pool:

Cecil’s Survivors

Password for the pool:


Game Room Thread for the pool.

Holy hell, that was real?

Week 1 boot, guaranteed.

Nah, he’ll last a few weeks. Wendy and Jane of the Old Farts Tribe will be the first booted. Dog Trainer and Goat Rancher. What a hoot!

Who’s Jimmy Johnson?

Former coach of the Dallas Cowboys and current commentator on Fox’s Sunday morning pre-game football show.

Why? He’s rich, but they may get rid of a more annoying player.

It seems so strange to me that CBS Survivor would have selected a FOX Football Analyst. CBS and FOX are in direct competition on Sundays. Every time I see Johnson on Survivor, I will think it is a promo for the Fox pre-game show.

And I will be tuning in to the Fox pre-game show to see how much the FOX gang rip on Jimmy when he does something stupid on the last episode. And if he does something REALLY stupid, the gigging him all season.

More like take him to the final 2 and be guaranteed a victory by using the “i need the money more than he does” argument.

Jimmy Johnson doesn’t look much slimmer. That’s usually a clue how long he lasted. :wink:

Any footage of him from when he returned? He would have returned around July 22-30, since it wrapped on July 22.


Survivor start tonight, on Wednesday!!


He looked really svelte on the Fox football show this weekend. I guess I have to change my prediction, he’ll last a good long time.

Yay, indeed!

I saw him on PTI the week he got back. I didn’t think to analyze his skinniness for clues, but his appearance didn’t register as radically different.

If forgot to watch the Fox show. Did he get any ribbing for being on Survivor? he will probably get some ribbing this week for sure.

I am very interested in seeing how long Jimmy Johnson sticks around, but only to see what happens to his hair. What do they use in lieu of Aqua Net / industrial strength shellac in the wilderness?

Haven’t done much recon on this one, so I have no particular favorites this time. It’s a refreshing change for me.

He was definitely getting made fun of on FOX. Those guys are ruthless to each other.

I hate the young team already. From the two guys in their underpants to the chick ready to vote out the chick with one leg because of the sympathy vote. GO OLD PEOPLE!!! Who have fire 30 minutes into the game. Well except for the barfing guy.

Interesting that Probst keeps calling them “older tribe” and “younger tribe” instead of using tribe names.