Survivor: One World 4/4

Was it that boring that nobody started a thread on the episode until the next day?


Although it was fun watching the blindside.

it was a nice blindside. How is it that Tarzan is not worried about going home. He is annoying as fuck!

You’d think, wouldn’t you? But there are more than a few that didn’t seem to be worried in the slightest. Which means the next few episodes could all be blindsides. How is Troyzan going to react when he discovers he was played?

After all the talk of evening up men v women, can’t believe Troyzan fell for that hook, line and sinker.

I’m disappointed the “That’s not poop” underwear didn’t come up again when he was asking Chelsea if she didn’t like him because of her boob job.

“I sprayed 7-UP (the uncola!) on the steaks.” I would stab you with a fork if you said that to me. And why did the producers let the reward winners bring the 7-UP (the uncola!) back to the rest of the tribe? Just so the cooler & bottles can get more on-camera time?

Probably. The product placement is getting more and more blatant on this show every season. I fully expect the team names next year to be Goodyear and Heinz.

Seriously, it’s been there the whole time. I still remember the “Pringles and Beer” competition from years and years ago. Also, Mountain Dew used to have promotions there as well.

For me, the annoying thing in this episode was Leif chanting, “BarbeQUE! BarbeQUE!” over and over.

According to Jeff, 7-UP wanted it that way and he said that since the sponsors keep the show going they try to work with them as long as it doesn’t mess up the games. I did think they went overboard when they were framing shots so that the two people talking were in the background while a bottle of 7-UP was front and center in the foreground.

Jeff’s Q&A with Dalton Ross is here.

At least he (so far as we’ve been shown) has been able to keep his mouth shut about having an idol in his pocket.

But Jay voted for Mike, too. There must have been a lot more discussion about the vote than we were showed.

When they have challenges that were set up for 2 tribes (like in the last 2 episodes) it makes me think that, for some reason, the merge was instituted earlier than planed. In the the first challenge after the merge, Jeff emphasized that they were splitting into two teams just for this challenge. But last night they were split into two teams and nothing was made of it.

I’ve noticed that too. I think when Colton went home unexpectedly they realized that it was the perfect time for a merge (6 & 6), and jumped on it. Having a merge at TC, and the post-merge feast in the dark afterwards, was unprecedented.

The way they handled the tribe shuffling this season has led to some really interesting uncertainties (which is good…Survivor strategy was getting a little too predictable). No one is really sure whether people are lining up in the first boy/girl split, or the 2nd shuffled gods/peasants split.

One thing we’ve never seen on Survivor is an all-women alliance sticking together for an extended period of time. And I don’t think it’ll happen this time. There are too many women who think they’re on the bottom of the totem pole. And too many men to tempt them to flip. This is really gonna come down to who plays the idol and at what point. I foresee a few exciting episodes coming up. fingers crossed

I’m pretty sure that was the reason. The producers are pretty adept at rolling with what happens, but one of the things they can’t mess with is the planned challenges. Those have to be, IIRC, set before the season begins. We’ll see if we’re right next week if the challenges all revert to just individual competition.

I DVR most everything on TV these days so I can avoid the commercials. It is a natural reaction for TV shows to have product placement within their TV shows.

Love Kat commenting about Tarzan and his “RANTICS”!

And IMO, the reason why there is no thread until today is NO COLTON! he was a needle mover.

I wonder how long it took to solve the immunity challenge puzzle. I think it might have taken an hour or more. It looked tough. Funny that Kat said she would have no chance.

How big a jerk do you have to be to basically say to a woman “Are you sure the reason you don’t like me is because someone gave you a bad boob job?” Tarzan sized, apparently.

That was just…so totally off-kilter that I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. Of all the reasons why person A would not like person B, Reason: “because I represent the same profession as someone that you may or may not have an issue with” would be extremely low on the list.

And he never said she had a bad boob job (they look perfectly nice to me) – he just said “a lot of people hate their plastic surgeon”.

I thought they looked nice too but the implication was clear and I’m sure Chelsea must have picked up on it. Why else would someone hate their plastic surgeon?

Rantics is our new word. It’s perfect. She’s not the brightest kitten in the litter but she does have a way with words.