Survivor: One World 4/4

Christina and Alicia voted for Tarzan, which implies that the four other girls didn’t tell them about the plan to get Mike. If they didn’t know before that they were the last people in the girls alliance, they certainly do now. If they have any sense at all, they’ll flip to the men’s side next week. I’m not sure they do, though.

Yep, Probst talks about it quite a bit on his twitter. They have to lock the challenges in advance to be approved.

Survivor: Vanuatu and Micronesia had all-women’s alliances that stuck together for an extended period.

OR they were the ‘safety’ votes just in case Mike had a hidden idol and played it.

The reality is this: people hate their plastic surgeon when their plastic surgeon is Tarzan.

Tarzan, of course, will never quite understand this.

I’m hoping the producers take this season’s “team challenges on merged tribe” and “one world” concepts to its logical conclusion for the fall season. It’s been suggested (not be me) in our threads many times over the years, and after this season I think it would be beyond awesome:

Individual game from day 1, random team splits at each challenge, and only the losing team goes to tribal that night.

The “best” one was the Charmin Tea House when they did it in China. Not sure if it was a Tea House, but something food related tied to toilet paper.

In her comments to the camera after the incident, I thought Chelsea said the phrase “my boob job” implying that she had one.

or, she is dyslexic?

She DID say she had one. But she didn’t say she hated her surgeon. Tarzan came up with that.

Oh I know, I didn’t think she doesn’t like Tarzan because he is a surgeon. Can you imagine what being on survivor will do to his practice? He comes off like a doddering loon.

[Troyzan] “It ain’t Survivor if you’re not lying.” [/Troyzan]

His awesome quote from a few weeks back… that he apparently forgot about.

I always wonder the reactions of contestants when watching the episodes, especially in cases like this. Although he probably got the scoop in Loser’s Lodge (where he’ll soon be with the rest of the men), it must be quite humbling to see yourself get played so effortlessly.

Exactly. And presumably the only reason that she would hate her plastic surgeon was because she got a bad boob job. Or at least that seemed to be what Tarzan was implying.

Not all plastic surgeons specialize in purely elective surgeries.

Alicia said on Facebook that she & Christina knew the way the votes were going and they were voting for Tarzan in case Mike hade come across an idol.