Survivor Premiere 2013 Tonight!

No thread yet? Well here, let me fix that for you:

Why, you ask? Well, because (have I told you yet?) - my friend Mike Snow is playing this season! And I’m very excited to see how he does! Give him some love, people!

And…red underpants. Yeow (man)!

Yay, thanks for starting the thread. I had no idea the new season was upon us.

The only favorite that I’m glad to see is Malcolm. Phillip will add a touch of craziness and there’s no telling what Lil Hantz will bring to the table this time. I wonder if he’s adjusted to seeing women in bikinis yet.

After a quick look to see if my impressions were just confirmation bias (they weren’t) I think we are in for a new type of season. In the past, when returning players were in the game (excluding when all the players were returnees), they have done very well. First were Bobby John and Stephanie, and Stephanie was runner-up. Next was the original “fans vs. favorites” and all three of the finalists (Cerie, Amanda, and Parvati) were returnees with Parvati winning. Next was Redemption Island, won by returnee Boston Rob. South Pacific featured Ozzy and Coach, who finished fourth and second respectively. Last time we saw some cracks in the returnee success record, although Skupin was runner-up.

Why do I see it different this time? First, there are few if any dominant personalities returning. No Ozzy or Parvati or Boston Rob to come in and run the game as if they invented it. Second, many of the returnees are “personalities” who have no shot at winning and at best will be dragged along as ballast to be jettisoned at the appropriate time - these are the Secret Agent, Hantz, Corrine, and Cochrane. There are several non-entities (Dawn, Andrea, Erik, Brenda), a wild card (Francesca) and Malcolm, a real threat to win it, but a bunch of fans who are tired of seeing returnees do well will identify and target him very early.

I see no sympathy for the old players this season. They will be used and discarded. The novelty has worn off.

I haven’t really looked at the new players at all, but based upon nothing but a hunch, I am picking Michael (bald 40-something) to win it.

Good analysis, Lamar – I think you’re right about the returning players. Could be a good season – will be interesting to see what the game looks like with the mix of eccentric returnees (instead of masterful players) and “fans.”

I’m gonna guess the Philip/Franceskwa friction will lead to their tribe failing the first immunity challenge and one of them going home.

It’s interesting that we can see some of the weaknesses of the favorites tribe beforehand - but the fans are an unknown - I wonder if there will be an equally difficult person(s) on the fans side of things.

Am I correct in believing that these players did not see last season’s broadcast yet? That would give Malcolm a slight advantage in being anonymous to the other returning players.

Yes. This new season started filming around two weeks after the previous one wrapped, meaning Malcolm already knew who had made it to the finals this season during last season’s live finale.

It must have been weird for him at the last finale, since he was probably long over that season having just played an entire new season.

So, he’s a northern bastard, is he?

Oh, Ayuh! You can tell by that pasty white look he’s got going on. He’s spent time in Atlanta though - so he’s used to hot weather as well.

True, but I don’t think that gives him an advantage. I know I’d be extremely wary of the guy they picked from the unaired season. The last time it was Russell Hantz, and he ran over a bunch of veterans who knew he was a “villian.”

Probst has pretty much said that it’s a blessing and curse. They are super wary of a new guy who was supposed to be a fav.

I love Probst when Philip got out of the helicopter.

“And…former federal agent!..Philip!!!”

Watch this cool video that shows how Jeff filmed the opening.

First person I hope they vote out-

Phillip on the favs.

Shamar on the fans.

Lots of scrambling on faves for the vote out.

That was entirely too predictable after she said she’d eat a rock if she got voted out first.

Francesca becomes the first to be voted off first twice. Say that 5x fast.

Thanks for that. When I saw that shot during the opening of the show I wondered if he climbed or was dropped off. I surmised that he had to have climbed as getting from the helicopter to his position would have been too dangerous. I never guessed there was a hidden helper involved.

Well - the upside is that it looks like the favorites are going to implode, at least until the short man is voted out.

Looking good for the Snowman - the fans have got to break up those couples before they do anything else. What were those couples players thinking? “We’re so popular, no one would ever think to vote us out”? But maybe by the time the fans go to tribal - the couples will have broken up, cancelled going to the prom and won’t be speaking to each other.

I forgot how fun it is to listen to Cochrane’s talking heads. He’s so self-aware, and yet, not. He clearly still loves Survivor. I hope his sunburn doesn’t slow him down, that kind of red can take a while to heal from.

Poor Fran, I called the loser edit as soon as she threatened to eat the rock.