Survivor: South Pacific October 26 2011

Gee, Coach, nice of you to fake pray about finding something you already have. I can’t stand it when people pray about game results. It’s so lame.

Laying it on reeeal thick this episode.

I’m pretty sure Coach learned how to pray by watching Wayne’s World.

And that was a great shot of Coach and Brandon laughing hysterically while Sophie had a “this is the stupidest movie I have ever seen” look on her face.

Ozzie is a complete idiot. I predict he loses in the duel after getting voted out this week.

Oh, and Probst did not show up for tweeting tonight. First time in awhile he’s missed it.

Could Ozzy be any dumber? I really hope his plan backfires and he loses to Christine.

His plan is dumb on so many levels:

  1. There’s no guarantee there will be a merge next time.
  2. Typically, people who are voted off first have no allegiance to their tribes. AKA Christine is waiting to team up with them anyway.
  3. Even if there is a merge, that doesn’t mean the RI person is coming back.
  4. There’s no need to redeem yourself of anything.

Need I go on?

And then he gives his idol to Cochrane of all people?

After that shot of Hantz sitting in the tree, talking about how 5 minutes after they prayed for it, God gave them the Idol (which Coach secretly found days ago), it must have been hard for the producers to restrain themselves from putting a musical “Whaa Whaaaaa” in there.

And an Adam Sandler movie as a reward? Not a penalty?


Heh…my reaction was “Wait…this is a reward?”

Brandon’s going to be REALLY gobsmacked when he finds out how he’s been played by his “family”. I almost feel sorry for him…that’s gonna smart.

I honestly don’t know what to make of everything. On the surface I can see the logic in Ozzy sacrificing himself to RI, but if the merge doesn’t happen next week…um, yeah.

Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy. Physically, you’re a god. Mentally – not so much.

Dear Oz, you are absolutely batshit insane.

There are so many permutations and combinations of things that could occur and only one of the many works in favor of your bizarre decision. Please, somehow rewind and change your mind.

On another topic, I like Jeff’s failed message/advertisement about how twins need each other. All I saw from that challenge was one twin did all the work while dragging the other one.

Oh, yes…that reminds me. Is this the first time we’ve had such an integration of the product placement, that the premise of the actual competition was based on the movie being placed? It seriously reminded me of some of the more egregious of Big Brother product placement competitions.

If I give the benefit of the doubt to Ozzy (which I’m not sure is warranted,) he needed to do something of this magnitude if he wanted to win Survivor. Yes, he could have made the merge and gone on a challenge run, but would that have been enough to win over the jury? This move gives him a huge card to play (assuming it succeeds) at the final tribal council. I imagine he’s seen enough of the previous players to understand that winning is the only thing that matters in the end. He’s seen his former girlfriend Amanda disappear from the limelight despite finishing second or third twice, while others who have won have gone on to reality show heaven.

It’s possible, right?

Don’t they know Jesus prefers The Amazing Race?:smack:

They had to quick cut to avoid showing the bored reactions.

I’m apparently in the minority, but I thought it was a calculated risk worth taking. I think the merge probably will happen and Ozzie probably will beat Christine and Cochrane probably wouldn’t have. I do think Ozzie was being a little over-the-top with it and I don’t know if having a dream when you’re sleep deprived is going to provide you with the best choice, but strategically speaking, it beats giving Russell an immunity idol.

And if the producers have anything to do with it – and we know they do – I could totally see this breaking their team’s way.

Speaking of teams, Coach’s squad has the facade of a family. But for the time being, Ozzie’s actually seems to have one. And Ozzie’s sacrifice may actually strengthen it (provided it doesn’t get decimated next week. :slight_smile:

I usually understand all Wayne’s World references, but I’m ashamed to say this one flew over my head. Unless it’s a reference to Wayne’s World 2, which I’m totally okay with not getting.

This is one of the upsides to having people appear multiple times. They can afford to try such risky strategies. What does Ozzy have to lose by making such a bold play? Yes, he could lose the RI challenge, but this is the kind of drama that makes producers salivate. I guarantee you that if he gets ousted, the producers will invite him back for another shot: Survivor XLI - The Bold and the Beautiful.

Besides, he’s already been runner-up. He knows that in order to win, he’s got to endear himself to the jury members. So I applaud Ozzy’s move. It also makes it one of the few interesting things that’s happened this season.


I, too, hate when people pray for victories in sports. Seriously, people, if you believe in God, don’t you think that it’s rude to waste His time on your petty bullshit?

What happened to Coach’s honor? Now he’s willing to put a proverbial bullet in Brandon’s head if he doesn’t believe that he can be controlled? Interesting. And either Coach found sanity or the editors are working overtime to make him appear less batshit crazy.

I’m pretty sure Rick doubled his screen time with that 20 second conversation he had with Coach.

You’d think that being on RI for a few weeks would humble Christine, but nope, she’s still got her big mouth. Though it would be a shame to see her ousted before she can get back in the game to wreak havoc.

At some point in the game, they mentioned “Albert” and I had no idea who that was.

I enjoyed the war paint. They should do that more often.

As others have said, the in-your-face movie product placement was completely lame. I was embarrassed for everyone.

Nope, they’ve let them go see movies before and shown them making comments about it afterward. I can’t find the cite right now, but this is not the first time. It’s rare though, certainly not every season.

It’s not that they saw a movie. It’s that the movie was [del]shoehorned[/del] integrated into the challenge premise. I don’t remember that happening on Survivor before, although it happens at least three times each Big Brother season.