Survivor: South Pacific September 21 2011

No kidding. What are they going to offer for Reward? Servants?

At least next week we get to root for a loser to go home. I don’t know who I dislike more: Poetry-Boobs or Angry White Woman.

Yes, if they had shown even 10 seconds of Mikayla using her feminine wiles on one of the male players, Lil Hantz’s paranoia would make a little bit of sense. He’s not acting like a guy who used to cheat on his wife and is worried about doing so again - he’s acting like a guy who has the bodies of a few college students buried under his porch.

I’m wondering if it’s a family trait.

Coach seemed to realize during Tribal that he’s allied with a loose cannon. I fully expect him to go for Angry Black Woman next, and then kick the Russell-Sprout to the curb. He can sacrifice him to keep the peace, and with Edna as an ally, he still has a majority block.

But…would that be


Coach can rationalize it easily. Since Brandon went behind his back to manipulate the girls into voting for Mikayla, it proves that it’s he who is dishonorable, not Coach.

I’m beginning to think that Probst is staging an anti-Christian campaign on Survivor, since the last several seasons have featured active believers who are either terminally dumb or psychotic.

I don’t dislike PB. Her wanting out in the IC was somewhat understandable. She quickly realized that she sucked at it. I’m guessing that she underestimated how heavy coconuts are and how far away the basket was. Plus, she’s cute.

Angry White Woman is annoying as hell.

Oh shit, I didn’t make the Poverty=Parvati connection so I couldn’t figure out what the fuck he was on about. I thought he was making reference to a Bible parable or something!

Instead he’s ::gag:: yet another “student of Survivor.” Parvati must have caused severe turbulence in RealTrueChristian Russels sprout as he did his research, watching her seasons alone in the dark:
[li]girl parts[/li][li]boldly on display[/li][li]a Hindu name to make baby Jesus cry[/li][/ol]Good chance his wife let him know before he got on the flight: “Listen dipshit, I’ll stand on your balls if I see you on television behaving like your asshole uncle, in congress with some half-naked heathen whores.”

Interesting - although Probst speaks as if he has mad respect for Christian faith. Maybe its Burnett who’s to blame.

My husband and I were talking about this last night. If Mikayla was even somewhat using her “feminine wiles” you know the producers would have injected scenes of her flipping her hair and giving the men coy smiles as lil Hantz went on about her doing such things. As far as I can tell, lil Hantz is seriously misjudging her and is projecting a lot of his own feelings onto her.

Whatever his issues are, IMHO, they will come back to bite him on the ass. I am really hoping that lil Hantz goes next. He has not shown any redeeming qualities so far. Angry Black Woman only got angry when it was (falsely) announced that she was voting for Mikayla, keep her around and boot Hantz and then Coach. That would unite the tribe.

Even worse, Parvati was the one who played Uncle Russell, big-time. Remember, in Heroes and Villains, she was about the one single other player Russell trusted, and she played him. I doubt Russell even now forgives her for that double-Immunity-Idol move at the one Tribal Council.

FWIW, according to his wiki page, Probst is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. But I guess that is not saying too much now that I am reading the ULC wiki page.

Brilliant. This season has great potential to be amusing. I’m just glad to have something to watch with Mrs. Baroo other than fucking Bachelor.

No doubt for the purposes of officiating an on-camera Survivor wedding at a moment’s notice.

Despite the chaos at Tribal Council, it looks like Coach’s plan held up. I don’t understand how his alliance of five got control of seven votes, though. With the leadership vacuum on that tribe, a good player could take over from Coach with a few sly moves. They would have to be bold to do it this early in the game, though. I’d pick up Mikayla and the moustache and pull along a couple more of the five. The smart guy could pull it off.

I had to go back after I got home from work and watch Parvati’s double-idol TC again. Brilliant! Probably the greatest move ever made on this game. I don’t like Parvati much, but I have to give her her due.

Week 2 Survivor handicap broken down into convenient categories:

Final episode (no holes in their game):
Jim: 8-1
Keith: 10-1
Albert: 10-1
Sophie: 10-1

Make the merge (one hole in their game):
Ozzy: 12-1
Coach: 12-1
Cochran: 15-1
Edna: 20-1
Rick: 20-1

About to get snuffed (multiple holes in their game):
Elyse: 25-1
Whitney: 25-1
Mikayla: 25-1
Brandon: 25-1
Papa Bear: 25-1

Redemption Island (totally screwed):
Dawn: 50-1
Stacey: 60-1
Christine: 300-1
Semhar: 600-1

I was wondering about the fruit too. My google-fu leads me to believe it’s a variety of pandanus fruit.

For a second there I thought you were quoting The Flight of The Conchords, from their song, “She’s So Hot, Boom”
Oh my god, she’s so hot
She’s so fucking hot, she’s like a curry
I gotta tell her how hot she is
But if I tell her how hot she is she’ll think I’m being sexist
She’s so hot, she’s making me sexist…

I agree, they’re pretty common on Pacific Islands, bear prolific fruit, which is mostly edible. Usually taste a bit better cooked, though.

Did anyone ID the brownish striped gallinule (rail? crake?) shown briefly? I only watch Survivor for the nature, honest! :slight_smile:

What was that disgusting mass of something, all writhing and contracting? Looked like a heap of intestines, except for the color, of course.

That was Coach walking around in his boxer briefs. I’m glad they blurred that part out.

(Okay, maybe it was an octopus out of water. I can’t imagine anything else that would look like that.)