Survivor: South Pacific September 21 2011

Heh, I knew it. I’ll put it in the second post.

I could tell Hantz, jr. would tell Coach who he really is.

Dear Mini Hantz,
Mikala is not at all interested in you.

And it’s Parvati, not Poverty.

And young Hantz just continues to be weird.

Has anyone ever tried to get someone voted out based on something as utterly sexist and delusional as this? “I’m so hot for her (without any assistance at all on her part) that I can’t trust myself with her around and it’s all her fault for tempting me so!”

God, just typing that made me want to take a shower. That’s way too close to an awful lot of rationalizations for rape.

By the way, Jeff live-tweets during the show on his twitter feed and he also “touts”, where he makes quick videos answering questions. It’s quite cool.

He’s not weird. He’s creepy. Maybe both. But creepy is a definite ingredient in the list.

Was Poetry Boobs passed out at redemption island when the Christine got there? If it is some sort of physical challenge er I mean duel, it might take them all day.

Coach’s tribe is a mess. And I really thought that he had some gray matter, (not a lot, but some). So far he has been totally befuddled by the two puzzles.

I’m trying to figure out a way to say this that won’t get me flamed … but every time Mini Hantz pops up, for a second I think he’s a dyke.

And then he opens his mouth and wants to stone the temptress.

Seriously creepy.

Yeah, it’s not looking good for Coach’s tribe. They’ve won one challenge, just barely. They’re not getting along with each other and they don’t communicate well, which is pretty essential for these early challenges.
That one guy who spoke up at tribal seems pretty smart. First time I’ve noticed him. I’m putting him in the underdog category, along with old west mustache guy.

I liked the whole “Make the puzzle part very physical,” to get the strong guys to work it. That on looked pretty simple though, even as puzzle challenges go. It looked like there were really only so many moves you could make, and that it pretty much solves itself.

Also, the whole “we’re gonna hide the clues to make the Idol harder to find” idea pretty much fell flat on it’s face. They should’ve hidden the clue, and then buried the idol. I miss the days where the Idol was actually in the camp living area, and a lot harder to get to without being noticed.

Isn’t it party editing, though? It has to be.

Getting flamed for saying dyke? Twick, what do you think we are? Flamers?

:ducks and runs:

Do you Uncle Russell might have mentored young Hantz about the “Sirens” who will seduce him with her songs.

Even with leading questions, he’s still saying what he’s saying.

Yeah. They can edit mitigating stuff out, but they can’t edit condemning stuff in, especially when it’s an actual on-screen confessional rather than a voice-over or a Franken-edit (when they combine sound from some other time with an over-the-shoulder shot or a distance shot so you think the person is saying it to the actual people he’s talking to in the shot).

I just can’t imagine what leading questions can lead to Li’l Hantz talking about Mikayla being seductive and him worrying about his marriage, etc. The idea that she’s trying to pull a Parvati is an obvious public rationalization (because I’m sure even he realizes how crazy the whole seductress thing sounds), because I don’t get that vibe off of Mikayla at all.

Yeah, if I were Production I would NOT hide the idol until someone had found a clue. Cute that Christine went to RI with the clue in her pocket; wonder if she gets to keep it or if it’s re-hidden if she loses to Semhar. Not cute that they put the actual idol for the other tribe in a place only Ozzy the Spider Monkey could find it.

It was a pretty fucking worthless clue.

The Russell-Sprout is seriously creeping me out. Good, evil, good, evil. This might be the first Survivor where someone goes postal and attacks another tribe member with a machete.

Angry Black Woman needs to be the next to go. She’s annoying and useless. She and Angry White Woman can battle it out on RI for bitch rights.

My wife swears that Russell-Sprout is way off about Mikaela. She says she gets a serious lesbian vibe from her.

He better get voted off soon. People always start going a little looney near the end. Remember Matthew from the Amazon, who wouldn’t stop sharpening his machete during the last week. Mini Hantz is already near that level. Just imagine what he would be like 30 days from now.

My google-fu seems to be lacking. Can anyone identify for me the fruit to which Coach referred as “pandera” and on which his entire tribe was sucking?

Pun intended.

I thought they had found a stash of huge candy corn.

And WTF? They have a fishing spear, a boat, and a net on week two? They may as well just give them a phone so they can call for pizza.