Susma Rio Sep

Susma Rio Sep, you are an idiot and I do not mean that as an insult, I mean it as a diagnosis. You are an incurable idiot.

You have been warned by the mods to not post copyrighted articles and you continue to do it. Twice today.

Furthermore, your post in the wrong forum.

Furthermore, your posts are so stupid they do not fit in any forum here and we would need to open a new forum just for the clinically diagnosed idiots like yourself.

1- Read the fucking rules
2- Don’t post your stupid mental ejaculations

or better yet: go away.

While I’m tempted to agree with you on this, there are several times when I’ve found his posts so hilarious that I have to say it’s worth having him around. And he’s always so unfailingly polite, even when people shit all over him.

Once in awhile we need to have some threads about priests having anal sex and whether this is theologically sound.:slight_smile:

The guy drives me crazy. Not just with his flagrant violation of rules, but the fact that he tends to hijack every thread that he enters with pointless drivel.

But without Susma, how would we have learned about priests fornicating and bishops not removing them? And what about when he told us about priests fornicating and bishops not removing them? And who could forget the strring debate about priests fornicating and bishops not removing them. And oh yes, his recent thread on priests fornicating and bishops not removing them.

He’s like John Candy’s character from Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Ooh! Ooh! Let me say it…

…but he’s such a polite nutcase.

How is it that someone who consistently posts copyrighted material is still among us?

Damn and blast, just saw that John Mace got there first.

Susma is like a herpes infection. He shows up for a while, driving everyone nuts, and getting closer and closer to bannination, then disappears for a while, only to reappear like a new cold sore outbreak. Last time, or maybe it was the time before that, his theme was “mainstream medicine is wrong and stupid and we should all self-diagnose and use herbs to cure everything.” After posting potentially dangerous advice along these lines in several medical-related threads, I believe he was finally banned from posting any sort of medical advice, IIRC.

It’s nice to see Susma’s dad has joined the boards. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson about birth control and the women you meet at Aerosmith concerts…

Damn, Giraffe. Remind me never to get on your bad side.

I can’t remember which mod closed the other threads with a comment like: “I think we only need one of these. It’s not a subject so filled with nuances that it needs 3 threads”. I laughed so hard at that I thought my ribs were going to break.

Hey, Sailor, I can’t argue with any of your facts. I can’t say you’ve got anything wrong. I just think the humor factor outweighs the annoyance factor. Just a matter of taste, I guess.

Oh yeah and I remember he said he purposely changes the prescriptions of his friends, and writes his own prescriptions-he has a pharmacist friend who does this for him.

Personally, I wouldn’t let him diagnose my plants.


I actually don’t have a dog in this fight, I just couldn’t pass up such a great opportunity to make a smart ass remark.

He writes his own prescriptions? Well, that explains a lot. :wink:

As a woman and frequent Aerosmith concert go-er, I’m gonna hafta ask you Giraffe, exactly what you mean by this. Are you dissin’ on us fans, the Toxic Twins or what? :wink: Watch it you.

I could have typed the OP almost word for word about another poster. There was a hurricane with her namesake a few weeks ago…

I honestly meant no offense, hopefool. All I’m saying is that female Aerosmith fans as a group are all a bunch of total skanks who are likely to give you herpes and/or a child like Susma who makes you think of herpes. I’m really sorry if you felt I was being insulting to you, and hope this clears things up.


You suck, Giraffe. I was drinking a cup of water when I read that.