Sustain Pedal For Electric Piano?

What foot sustain pedal can I buy from Ebay or Amazon that’s compatible with a Yamaha DGX-500?

The manual shows a standard sustain pedal jack that uses those big 1/4 inch headphone connectors.

Any of these should be fine. I use the M-Audio SP2 with my digital piano and it feels nice but makes an annoying creaky sound.

And I suppose Yamaha’s official choices are the FC-4:

And the cheap plasticky FC-5 that should’ve come with your piano.

In life, things are not always easy. This is one of those cases…

Sustain Pedals come in two varieties - Normally Closed, Normally Open.

Digital Pianos come in three varieties - NC, NO, Adaptive. Adaptive pianos look at the sustain pedal when they power on, and use the inverse to trigger sustain. Thus an adaptive piano can successfully use either type of pedal.

If your manual does not tell you what sort of Piano you have, get a pedal that allows switching between NC and NO.


ETA: the manual indicates that the Yamaha DGX-500 is Adaptive. Carry on.

Yeah, I was going to say that most modern Yamahas are adaptive. Unfortunately, Casios are not.

Still, it’s nice to be able to plug in and unplug the pedal, without having to shut it off. Since unplugged is open, this would be a NO one, I think. (It could be done the other way, but that’s more complicated.)