SUV owners: What do you call your vehicle?

I have an Escape, which is also what I call it since it has one less syllable than SUV.

I say “car.”

Also, the question in the poll should say “take” instead of “bring” (unless the speaker lives in a Jiffy Lube). (Sorry, pet peeve.)


Does my Subaru Outback counts as an SUV? I call it “the car” or “the Subaru.”

My wife drives a Hyundai Santa Fe. I call it “the truck” or “the Hyundai.”

I would think it would have a dog name given how they seem to like to roll over.

My Saturn Vue’s name is Vehikles, pronounced like Herakles.

It is a car.

My '85 Impala was named Meg, after Carcharadon Megalodon, as she was huge, prehistoric, and very dangerous.

Vee-Hickle! (Sgt. Rizzo, MAS*H)

My Subaru Outback is a station wagon. I call it it the Subaru.

When I did have an SUV, I called it the Land Rover, because it was a Land Rover.

I’ve always considered and called my Toyota 4Runner a truck. Bought my first one in 1999, sold it and got a 2002, traded that one in for a 2003. 2003 was run over last August by an 18 wheeler and totaled. Bought a 2006 4Runner as a replacement. Love them, obviously…:smiley:

What? No penis option?

I will call him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and stroke his bill and rub his pretty feathers.

The Av (Avalanche)

Back when we owned one, it was the Isuzu. When being “clever” it was the Road Queen Family Truckster. I always thought of it as a passenger truck.


Yep. I always called my Wranglers “Jeeps”. I now own a Jeep Patriot that I call “my car”.

I call the Santa Fe “the truck” but that’s only out of habit. I used to drive a pick-up.

I call my Cherokee the Jeep. I called my Willys CJ2A a jeep. Occasionally I’ll call the Jeep a truck, because that’s pretty much what it is. I agree that a Patriot is a ‘car’.


I got my wife a Ford Explorer. SUV is just too clunky for me. Calling it the Explorer worked for a while. Now I call it the truck more than anything.

Back when my step mother had her Wrangler, everyone without exception called it the Jeep. Had some fun times in that.

Canyonero. Thanks to the Simpsons, and my buddies who insist on calling it that.

It’s a Chevy Tahoe. It’s got a Chevy truck engine, a Chevy truck drivetrain, and a Chevy truck frame; so if it didn’t have the “station wagon” body, it would be a Silverado pickup.

It has no video for rear-seat passengers (I had an interesting discussion with the dealer about this, and he finally sourced one that had no rear-seat video), and I’ve taken the back-back seats out so I can carry things. With the exception of myself and three golf buddies and all our clubs, I use it to carry things more than people.