Swamp People Season Finale - anyone see it?

This turned out to be a very good season. There were a lot of weather problems that almost ruined the gator hunter’s season. It didn’t get any easier on the last day when it turned cold. It seemed like everyone tagged out this year. All of them seemed ready for this season to end.

I like Swamp People because there’s very little scripted stuff in it. They don’t create fake drama stories about the hunters not getting along. They edit and create stories but starting the season with Hurricane Isaac isn’t something they made up. I am a little suspicious about that scene with Bruce jumping on the gator and shooting it with his single shot emergency gun. They never showed the gator’s head after Bruce jumped on it. Also I noticed the camera had Bruce perfectly framed as he sat on the gator. That doesn’t add up in an emergency life or death situation. The camera shot shouldn’t have been setup so well if Bruce just jumped unexpectedly.

I hope they don’t start routinely faking shots of the hunters catching the gators. It’ll ruin the show for me.

The Landry’s are still my favorite swamp hunters. Hope Troy gets that hernia fixed and comes back next season. He’s the most interesting character for me.
My favorite new character this season was Liz’s daughter Jessica. I hope she’s back next season learning to catch gators like her mom.

I missed the duo of Tommy and his step father (sorry can’t recall their names) this season.

The guys from Texas didn’t add much. For some reason I can’t stand the clowns fro Homa (RJ and Jay-Paul or what ever). I PVR the episodes and fats forward through their sections.

I too like the Landry’s the best.

I have noticed serveral continuity errors. Shots of them hauling in a gator with a voice over saying this is teh first of the day, but if you look at their feet you’ll see a couple of gator tails in the boat already. But it doesn’t ruin it for me in anyway.

I’m not sure why I watch (and enjoy this show). Wait I know I’m a realty(ish) show whore!

I watch the following:

  • Gold Rush Alaska
  • Berring Sea Gold (and Under the Ice)
  • Yukon Gold
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Swamp People
  • Bamazon
  • Jungle Gold (these two guys are serious r-tards)
  • Moutain Men
  • Yukon Men

I haven’t seen the season finale (or the episode before that) yet, I plan on watching them this weekend.


Junior Edwards and Willie are two of the odder guys on Swamp People. Junior has managed to shoot Willie a couple times on the show. I can understand why Willie said he wouldn’t fish with him anymore.

I felt bad for Glenn Gist trying to get over his brother’s death. One of my favorite moments was when Glenn spent the day with Liz going after gators. Glenn really had a grin on his face that day.

Great people, great show! I enjoy each and every one of them and very much respect the way they are all about family!

One of my favorite shows. Be sure to check out the web exclusives.