Swap characters between Seinfeld, Friends, and HIMYM

Switch Monica and Elaine. Or make Barney be Jerry’s neighbor, Kramer be Ross, and Ross be Barney. Why? I don’t know, I guess just to take a break from killing them.

The Marshall, Kramer & Joey Show.

Hmm…or should it be the Marshall, Kramer & Phoebe show?

You know that Joey would respect the slap bet. Phoebe would dismiss it.

Kramer and Barney lick the Liberty Bell.

Phoebe would go ahead and make out with Lily.

Ted and Ross whine over their women problems.

Elaine and Robin become best friends.

George follows Barney’s blog religiously and tries his own version of the Playbook.

Chandler and Jerry are there to provide sarcastic comments.