Any sitcom characters you'd like to be friends with?

Most Big Bang Theory threads mention how no one would want to be friends with Sheldon. This got me thinking about sitcom characters - and how most of them (even the ones I enjoy watching on TV) I wouldn’t be friends with in real life. Of course the exaggeration of neurotic tics is part of what makes them funny.

But is there anyone in sitcom world you’d actually be friends with? I think I could put up withe Marshall, from How I Met Your Mother; or maybe J.D. or Carla from Scrubs. That’s it. I’d sooner be friends with Sheldon than with Ross from Friends or Frazier from Frazier.

Larry David

Balky Bartarkumus (sp?). But not his uptight cousin. And Larry David for sure.

Phil and Claire from Modern Family would be fun friends.

The dad from Suburgatory would be a good for me, buddy-wise, I think.

Cam and Mitchell for me.


Barney Stinson? He might be annoying, but hanging out with him would be legen…


I wouldn’t mind being friends with Ted Mosby.

It’d be a hoot to pal around with Uncle Arthur. The Clampetts seem like a lot of fun. If I could, i’d buy the place right next to Oliver and Lisa.

Hot Lips in her early years. I’d done a Colonel uniform and be all set. :slight_smile:

Samantha Stevens.

Oh wait, this is just friends…sigh…OK:

Frank Barone
Fonz (and I have to admit, maybe Richie)
Roz from Frasier (yeah even as just a friend if possible)
Oscar Madison

Robin Scherbatsky.
Ross Geller (one of my friends was just like him).
Chandler Bing (ditto).
Lewis Kiniski (Ryan Stiles’s character on Drew Carey).
Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke’s character from Scrubs).

Dwight from the Office has a bunch of fun hobbies. I’d like to have him as my neighbor, since you know he would watch your place like a hawk when you were out of town.

Dr. Cox from Scrubs

Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family

I would house sit for the Griffins if they all had to go somewhere and leave Stewie and Brian behind. 'Tho they generally don’t need someone to watch the both of them. I’d really like to have long conversations about high fiance, genetics, quantum physics and literature with a talking one-year old and a talking dog.

It appears the Doctor really wants feminine eye-candy. But if a he wanted some guy to travel in time and space with, I’m up for it.

Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World
(I was just watching that show this morning and I’d forgotten how much I liked it)

When I was a kid, I thought it would be fun to live next door to Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Does squidward count? I’d love to be his neighbor. Hmmm, I think I’d just like to live in bikini bottom. I used to want to be friends with blossom, and I think everyone wanted to hang out with the golden girls.

Turk from Scrubs.

Sue from The Middle.

Chandler Bing.
Chris Turk.
Ron Swanson.
Robin Sherbatsky.
Penny. Or Bernadette.
Roy Trenneman (The IT Crowd).

I think I could be friends with:

Dan Connor
Norm Peterson

Colonel Potter could be my Doctor.

I think Aunt Bee would be a nice neighbor to have.