Sitcom characters who would make good friends

After another “The characters on Seinfeld were assholes!” thread, I started wondering which sitcom characters would make good friends. There are a lot of really annoying ones out there (I don’t think I could put up with the Friends" crew for too long, same for the title characters of “Will and Grace”–though Karen and Jack could be fun in small doses), of course…but I think “Frasier” would get my vote. They aren’t perfect, but Frasier’s not an actually horrible person (he and Niles have a strong sense of ethics, demonstrated several times). They’re lovably pompous. And Marty’s definitely good people–after the first season where he comes off a bit curmudgeonly, who didn’t love him? And, of course, there’s a cute dog. Daphne got awful in the last few seasons, but up till then, I liked her, and who could hate Roz?

What about you guys?

Dan Connor would be fun to hang out with despite his shrew of a wife…

I think I could handle hanging out with J.D. and Turk from Scrubs.

Being friends with Frasier would be exhausting. There would be some little misunderstanding and instead of just telling you, Frasier and his whole family would embark on a 22-minute farce before eventually revealing the truth. Look for this to repeat every single week. No thanks. (Not to mention that Frasier is such a snob that he will always think of you as his uncultured friend.)

I’d prefer to be friends with Hawkeye Pierce. Free medical care (up to and including meatball surgery) and an unlimited supply of homemade booze.

I’d have no trouble being friends with Barnie Stinson.

3rd Rock from the Sun = Dick Solomon would be a great friend for me since his wackiness would outshine mine.
30 Rock = Jack Donaghy knows lots of powerful people so I may be invited to cool parties filled with many pretentious people I can mock later with my liberal friends.
Mary Tyler Moore Show = I feel I could learn a great deal having Sue Ann Nivens as a friend.

Pretty much anyone in Hooterville, except for Mr. Haney.


Oscar Madison

I think I’d get along well with Amy Farrah Fowler.

I would enjoy hanging out with Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec and playing Cones of Dunshere. His wife is also obviously awesome but being her friend would be exhausting.

Tim Taylor from Home Improvement would be my fist choice, just in case I need shelves put up.

Al Bundy and his family would be fun to hang around with too.

Mary Ann

That’s true. But there are plenty of opportunities to take a break with Marty and Eddie for a beer at least. :slight_smile:

Zelda Gilroy.

I’d like to live in Sheldon and Leonard’s building. The group from The Big Bang Theory are just whacky enough to be fun without edging into annoying. I sometimes think Sheldon’s nuttiness would irritate the bejeezus out of me after a while but so far, it hasn’t.

It would be fun to live in Modern Family’s neighborhood too. Especially, being next door to the Pritchetts. Jay looks like he could blow up over the crazy things that happen to them but he’s really very mellow and philosophical instead. I think I’d like hanging out with him. Cam and Mitchell’s little dramas would get on my nerves, though.

I could be friends with Jim and Pam from The Office. Creed, too.

Neal’s brother Barry on Freaks and Geeks.

Oh, he was awesome! And hey, I for one could use a Mr. Rosso.

I’d go out for coffee, dinner, or the theatre with Frasier. Once upon a time, I was an academic, and, if I put my mind to it, could bs enough to quiet the snobbery. He’s pretty insecure, when it comes down to it, so it wouldn’t be that hard. It could even be fun, and, as someone said, there’d be time to kick back with a beer with Martin and Eddie.

It might be fun to go to a rock concert with Dr. Johnny Fever.

Rob and Laura Petrie might be good friends. They give great parties and have very entertaining show biz friends.

The one from Home Improvement I’d like to be friends with is Wilson. Interesting, world traveller, educated, intelligent, even wise on occasion.