Sweating folk: Any suggestions for a good "anti-sweat" lotion?

I sweat. Buckets. Like, it’s embarrassing. As in the president of a major research university holding a garden party at his mansion once brought me a towel in front of his other guests (the bastard).

A few years ago I discovered a product called No Sweat, now known as Mehron Skin Prep from a friend who does theater; actors and others who wear makeup under bright lights and in hot temps wear it so their makeup doesn’t run. It works: I would never wear it everyday because it makes your skin very dry and “icky feeling” while it’s on, but I use it for things like outdoor weddings and job interviews on hot days and other times when it would be embarrassing if I looked like I was melting. (I understand you can use lotion on top of it and it helps, but haven’t tried.)

So I was curious: I’m going to a cosplay con in a few weeks and I’ll be in full Steampunk gear with ankle length dressing gown and top hat and I don’t want to gush so I was about to order some more of this product, BUT I’ve heard there are other products and natural remedies and the like, so before I get the Mehron I thought I’d ask:

Anyone know of any really good creams or ointments or pills or potions or lotions or whatever to temporarily suspend or greatly reduce sweating?

Let me know, I sweat buckets too. It’s gross. I do use antiperspirant behind my knees and under my breasts, but I can’t use that on my face.

But do be careful not to pass out or anything. Sweat is a good thing, generally, it makes the body cool itself. People who don’t sweat are generally not in as good health…but that doesn’t change the fact of how gross it is.

And you live in the South!