Swedish soccer player sent off for breaking wind.

Story here.

I’ve never heard of that happening before. Any thoughts?

Serious ones, of course. I’d hate this thread to descend into fart jokes…

Run Adam, run like the wind.

Depending on the uh, intent of the flatulence (mark that down as a sentence I never saw myself writing), it’s reasonable that it would draw a yellow. If the player in question already had a yellow in the first place, I can see a sending off happening.

I’m pretty sure there’s actually a statute in the laws of the game that specifically mentions “directed” flatulence as a cardable offense. I think it requires intent, though, or Gary Lineker would have been sent right off that one time he shit himself on the pitch.

A well-timed silent-but-violent could wreak havoc in the box at corners.

They get thr big bucks for suckin that up

“I fart in your general direction”.

This quote from the OP has to be deliberate -


But short of something like ripping one during a penalty kick or other quiet-ish time, or deliberately farting on a downed player’s head, how provocative could it really be in soccer?

I read that three opposing players fell down and grabbed their legs.

FWIW, the Swedish article in Aftonbladet is littered with fart puns.

“What was your gut feeling in the situation?” “You cleared the air with the ref?” “Have you been getting any shit over this?” “What are your thoughts on the rest of the season? Just step on the gas?” “I understand you’re a quick player, who runs like the wind?” “But surely it’s also important to keep it tight at the rear?”

Heard it came this close to drawing a brown.

Given that soccer players spit like camels and urinate on the pitch (if you’re a pro soccer player and your caught short you can’t go off in the middle of the match to relieve yourself) this is very harsh!

You underestimate the combined idiocy and malice of professional footballers, methinks. Many would think little of deliberately and loudly breaking wind in the direct vicinity of a ref they find particularly disagreeable.

Surely this can only happen in a lower league match?

Happens in Premier League matches apparently, but I’m guessing not too often and they’re very discreet about it.

Lehmann pissing; Lineker shitting (which he later confirmed).