Sweeney Todd...anyone seen it? (open spoilers, to be sure)

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My wife talked me into going to see this movie last night. I wasn’t really interested in going to see it as I’d see the previews and was pretty much…meh.

But she wanted to go see it so we did. Ugh! A slasher musical. And a VERY gory one. I won’t go into details here, despite the open spoilers designation. Just wanted to know if anyone else has seen it and what your thoughts are if you have.

Myself…it was a total waste of an evening, and though movies usually don’t effect me that much I actually found I was completely disinterested in eating dinner afterward and still feel a bit queasy today when I think about it. My wife will be paying for weeks for dragging me to this thing.


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Sweeney Todd - has anyone seen it yet?

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Look up. No! Wait, now look DOWN!

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