Sweet Hereafter/Knight Rider?

I just saw “The Sweet Hereafter”, starring Ian Holm. Something about Holm seemed very familiar to me, but I couldn’t place his face or voice. Later, while brushing my teeth, I thought that he might have been the voice of Kit on Knight Rider. This is probably wrong, but I feel like like I’ve seen this actor before. Can anyone help?

Ian Holm has done many voiceovers for documentaries (mostly British-produced) that have aired here in North America on PBS, TLC, etc. I remember there was one about 14 years ago called “Television,” and I believe he’s done some military history documentaries. He’s also done a number of BBC-type historical dramas, for instance I remember him in “Napoleon,” sometime in the 70s.

He’s got a great voice. The voice of that car in “Knightrider” is most definitely not Ian Holm. There is a superficial similarity, but the voice of the car is an American actor.

The voice of Kit was supplied by William Daniels, better known as Dr. Craig from “St. Elsewhere.”

Holm also played Napoleon in Terry Gilliam’s film “Time Bandits.”

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Isn’t it also Mr. Pheeney from Boy meets world

Wasn’t he the same guy who was the voice of Charlie in Charlie’s Angels?

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Beeruser–John Forsythe was the voice of Charlie.

William Daniels was Mr. Pheeney on “Boy Meets World.” He was also John Adams in the film version of “1776.”

For all questions TV and film related, check the Internet Movie Database at www.imdb.com.

That takes all the fun out of it. I for one would have never guessed that Dr. Craig was KITT, and now I have one more bit of useless trivia for the next cocktail party I attend. This one is sure to get me some chicks.

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The first time I ever encountered Ian Holm was in “Alien,” where he played the robot science officer, Ash. An extremely underused actor.