Voice of Kitt in Knight Rider

Who was the voice of Kitt in Knight Rider? What else has he done?

It was William Daniels. He’s done a bunch of other shows and movies, but I would say he’s best known for being on St. Elsewhere and Boy Meets World.

That would be William Daniels. His other work includes a role on the ABC series Boy Meets World, the NBC series St. Elsewhere and a number of movies including Blind Date.

Enough cheese to back you up for a month.

Are we forgetting his unforgettable role as John Adams in 1776?

Dang! I knew somebody would beat me to the punch on this one. Yes, it’s William Daniels. I was nuts about him on St. Elsewhere, mean ol’ grump that he was.

My mom always wondered how anybody could not recognize his voice. His and the voice of “Charlie” on the 70’s TV show, “Charlie’s Angels”…who happened to be John Forsythe. She used to go on at length, saying both of them had extremely recognizable voices. Of course, I had no idea who the hell John Forsythe [or William Daniels was when she was telling me all this, but I didn’t mention it. :wink:

He was also Benjamin’s dad in The Graduate

Daniels also played Captain Nice, not to be confused with Mr. Terrific. Both were Batman inspired tv sit-coms in 1967; both cancelled the same season they appeared.

John Forsythe was the Lead Actor in the Prime Time SoapDynasty.

Jeez, how can you people do an entire thread on William Daniels and not mention his wonderful portrayal of John Adams in the Sherman Edwards/Peter Stone musical 1776. Daniels originated the role on Broadway, and later recreated it for the film.
He also played Sam Adams, John’s brother (and, according to Stone, the character of John Adams in 1776 was actually an amalgamation of the two) in the TV miniseries based on John Jakes’ The Bastard.

He was also head of the Screen Actors’ Guide during the actors’ strike not long ago - and actually seemed one of the very few voices or reason and diplomacy during the whole affair, helping keep the peace when things were looking a bit dodgy.

That sure is a mystery, all right. I can’t imagine how it could be that no one mentioned it before you did.

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Sorry about that – missed it the first tinme I checked through.