Sweet sixteen and never been kissed

I was born on April 6, 1984. I am now a ripe sixteen years old, yet I have never had a boyfriend, nor have I been kissed. I am an attractive person. I have a good amount of friends. For some reason or another, guys are not attracted to me. I am very open and honest about everything, and I am very horny. Thus, I often steer conversations toward sex and the like. Does this intimidate guys? I need honest advice. Thanks a lot.

Omigod! I was never kissed unil I was 17, and my birth date is april 6, 1982!
That day is cursed!
Anywho, don’t worry, and don’t give your first kiss to anyone, make it worth the wait.
my 2 cents.

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I was there once. Relax. Everyone’s time comes. I know everyone says that, but they say it because it’s true. As you get older and meet more people, that’ll become more and more clear.

For now, if the guys seem visibly uncomfortable when the conversation turns to sex, try backing off a little. Also, try to to be abrupt when bringing it up. These two things did wonders for my friend “Kerry” (who lurks these boards, so I’ll skip the real name) who was boyfriendless but sill somewhat sexually aggressive.

Don’t feel too bad. I’m 19 and have never had a girlfriend. I had my first (and so far only) kiss three days before my 19th birthday.

I didn’t have a bf or get kissed until well past my 16th birthday. It may seem like you’re the last girl on the planet who has yet to experience those things, but you most definitely aren’t. Chill. Sit back. It’s not the kiss that’s important; it’s the guy you’re kissing.

And, um, by talking about sex all the time-- do you know what you’re potentially getting yourself into? Please, be careful. Honesty is a good thing, but not in this particular context.

Don’t rush it because you think you HAVE to do it. Just wait for the right person, because you will remember it for the rest of your life.

Xizor’s right. I’m 16 too, my first kiss was around a year ago, and to tell you the truth, as nice as it was, I barely reflect on it. It was nothin special. Infact, it was more traumatic than good. The girl turned out to be a complete psycho. Anyhoo, “how you doin’?”

it’s not at all clear that any of this “me too me too” is helping you, but I also did not have a first kiss/girlfriend until far past my 16th birthday. (And let’s not even get started on the “average length of dry spell between girlfriends” topic, or I’ll have to start making up lies to avoid feeling pathetic).

Alright, I guess I’ll be one of the only people not saying “me too” I was kissing guys since junior high. trust me, you don’t want to do that. I don’t remember my first real kiss, you really don’t want to end up like that. I remember my first real kiss that meant something to me, even though I had only known the guy for a night. It doesn’t really matter how old you are when you kiss someone, you should wait for someone you really care about and make it special. The first time I kissed my first serious boyfriend in the US was really sweet and it’s a night I’ll remember forever. Just hope you get a chance to build memories like that.


May I be the first my dear? {{{{Cyber-Buss}}}}

Whoa, I’m gettin dizzy.:smiley:

Is it me, or is April 6 like…almost 6 months ago?

And you do realize that a “ripe” sixteen year-old is still very, very illegal, right? :wink:

What exactly do you talk about, sex-wise? I’ll give you input once I know exactly what you mean by this.

Okay, just to freak everyone out (or is it just me) I was born on April 5th, and I never got a kiss until I was eighteen and a freshman in college.

[shameless overreacting boast to prove I’m a REAL man]
The fact that it was the head cheerleader, who was a junior, who gave me my first kiss should in no way interfere with the weirdness quotient of this cooincidence.
[/shameless overreacting boast to prove I’m a REAL man]

I didn’t get my first kiss until, much, much, much, much, much later than that. :slight_smile:

Don’t let it bother you. Don’t measure your life by other peoples yardsticks. Be yourself.

I dunno about the me too me too stuff either but their right… not everyone gets kissed by such and such an age not everyone has their first boyfriend/girlfriend at such and such an age etc etc etc

I’ll be 18 in just over a month and I haven’t had a boyfriend/been kissed or anything and though I’m not pretty (like a model or anything) I know I’m not ugly by any shot. Just let stuff happen… you’ll get guys after you eventually and will have them kiss you and stuff… It happens with everyone eventually at one time or another.

Sweet sixteen and never been kissed? And not by me for two more years, jailbait!

sk8rixtx said:

Nothing like you, of course. :wink:

If we head on over to http://www.ageofconsent.com, we discover that our young lass is legal in a wide variety of states. In fact, if she happened to live in Missouri, Hawaii or Iowa, she would have been legal for two years already.

I think this thread is inspirational. I should probably follow the advice.

And hey, you know that guy (Kevin?) who leads the band on Jay Leno’s Tonight show? Well he didn’t get kissed until he was in college. So cheer up.

And there’s nothing wrong with the girl taking the initiative, Chum, just don’t go too far too fast.
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Junior in college, just turned twenty years old, never had a girlfriend, never been kissed, never…well, you know!

Don’t worry, your time will come. Wait until your ready, wait for the right guy, and just let things fall into place naturally.

Neither my girlfriend nor I had kissed anyone before each other when we were both 17 (and, incidentally, we’re still together 3 1/2 years later…)

Everything implied by society and mass media aside, kissing by itself is not such a wonderful thing. I mean, kissing (and, in the bigger picture, sex) can be a pretty decent way to pass the time, but only becomes truly wonderful in the context of a relationship. I’ve only kissed one other person besides her (we “broke up” very temporarily shortly after starting college), and quite honestly, all I can remember is spending a little time with that girl with our faces together; I don’t have any recollection of a particular feeling of happiness or anything else. In that case, kissing was the only sign that we had a relationship at all (if four days can be so termed), and by itself now seems rather pathetic.

So don’t fret simply because you haven’t kissed anyone; make sure you’ve found someone worth kissing first, and it’ll be a much better experience.

As far as scaring guys away…yeah, that might do it. Are these guys around the same (general) experience level as you? Personally, when I was 16 I would’ve been a little nervous about getting into someone who talked openly about sex (especially if it seemed as if she were “experienced” in such things), even if I was attracted to her. (but I’ve always been a very shy person…which is why I find it incredible that I’m posting this…)