Sweet Sue - fuck off, you vapid worthless fool

Then explain the fucking headache I suddenly get when looking at her idiocy.

Silent Bob came up with a running gag that works. Some like it, some don’t. I’m a bit neutral myself on this, I guess. But we certainly don’t need a COPYCAT for this running joke.

Find your own shtick, Sue. Oyes. Ofucking fast, too. Odammit.

And if you don’t use that power? As you recall, I’ve complained about that, too. I’m a complainer, sometimes.

You make valid points in a reasoned manner and I wish you had done so earlier. And don’t get me wrong–I find her rather annoying, although I can appreciate her snotty attitude. And her “A” is too low for her to play Hester Prynne.

Coldy, yeah, worst of all, it’s been done.

And Satan, I’m not calling you on your long sig but am wondering when you will decide you are a former smoker and stop reminding yourself of how long it’s been? Reminds me of when I was in Weight Watchers and found the bookkeeping to be a constant reminder of how little I was eating.

Really, guys, considering what we’ve all been through not only lately, but in the past, does any more really need to be said? As far as I’m concerned (whether you all care or not - I’ll assume not) these mods know exactly what the hell they’re doing. And I, for one, appreciate it.

Alpha, you rock.

Just as a note- I have absolutely no interest in defending Sweet Sue, but even if I had interest in defending her, the fact that she decided to insult the person who most vehemently came to her defense (MysterEcks)- well, geez, talk about raging stupidity.

Wadda maroon.

Fucking hell, you guys get wound up by pretty much anything really.


Not having been hip deep in the Parrot troll festival that occurred here a few months back, Gary, I can understand how you can see this as something minor. But take a minor annoyance and multiply it by hundreds of posts and raise it to the power of a lonely poster with too much time on their hands and you get a real mess.

Trust me. In cases like these, it’s best to bring out the hammer early and to slam it down hard.

My best guess:
neck (?)
…although the tits and balls guess is an infinitely more interesting image…

isn’t it belly button, then legs (of sorts) then feet?

Now I know how the ACLU lawyers defending the Nazi’s right to march must have felt–you get to wondering if the overall principle is worth it. Anyway, I maintain that I was right in general, even if the specific turned out to be a twit…but I will now salute neuroman for hitting him/her/it, even if it was premature at the time.

Sweet Sue: Find a body of water. Jump in. Inhale deeply.

Satan: Yeah, you betterflee…

Alphagene said:

In hindsight, after seeing this little performance, I’m not surprised to hear that.

She doesn’t seem to be stopping.