Sweet, sweet justice

Lately my morale at work has been on the low side, partly because I am very close to getting promoted and feel like the directors are too busy to actually decide whether or not I should be promoted. One of the things that was crucial to my promotion was leadership qualities- I’m still a worker bee, but a worker bee with enough clout to ‘remind’ lazy worker bees who aren’t doing their job to get back in shape. It also means I am Director pro temp if the Directors are momentarily away/indisposed. I was frustrated because I would see coworkers slacking off and when I remind them to get back to work they give me nasty looks and more or less ignore me. This always happens when the Director is busy (amazing how much people can be two-faced; when the boss isn’t watching them they can be an entirely different person! :eek: ). I started to feel like it would be impossible for me to get promoted, since people wouldn’t listen to what I said, and if they didn’t listen to me, it didn’t make me a very good looking leader.

So finally, I told the Director today that I *absolutely needed * to talk to her on this. She said she didn’t have much time (she had a plane to catch after work today) but I insisted that this was important enough to tell her now. And boy am I glad I did. Now, as a general rule of thumb, anything I notice coworkers doing thats inapproproate (socializing excessively, not supervising their students, etc) chances are the director noticed it too. However, in the interest of covering my own ass and demonstrating I was trying as best as I could to get them to listen to me, I explained the situation, and it corroborated with what the Director had witnessed.

So not only will the particular employees be dealt with accordingly, but I am also lined up to get promoted sometime next month!!! :smiley: