I hope I get promoted :D

like dcnewsman , I may be getting promoted. Granted, my tutoring job is on a much smaller scale than his job; I make minimum wage, and getting promoted would only add 25 or 50 cents an hour to that amount, but it is still something I would be looking foward to.

Basically, among the three directors that work at the center, one was transferred to another tutoring center. They hired a new director to replace her, but in addition to another director only having about 1.5 months experience, that means that 2 out of the 3 directors there are green. The center director told us in a meeting that she needs 2 level 2 coaches that month (coaches get promoted up ‘levels’ up to level 4). Recently they hired several new coaches (5) and there are only 2 other coaches besides myself that have been working there since the summer who haven’t been promoted yet. I think the promotions will be given amongst us three, which is promising.

Every 2 months we have feedback meetings with the Directors. They talk with us about our progress and show how close we are to being promoted. In order to be promoted, we have to be doing all the tasks listed at the next level. Last meeting, I was doing nearly every task at level 2, and the director commented I was ‘very close’ to being a Level 2 coach. Filling in that performance gap has been something on my mind at that job for the past 2 months.

I really would like being promoted, if anything because it would be the first job I was ever promoted in. I’ve worked there since August, and would like to continue working there through school because the hours are convenient. There are only 2 other people there with as much experience as I have and they may be leaving when summer starts.

Something I am concerned about, though, is that perhaps the Director is holding the concept of promotion over my head- that I’m not as close to being promoted as I think but making me believe I am ‘very close’ will just get me to work harder without having to pay me more. I like the job and do it because I enjoy it, not for the pay, but just the same I don’t like to be manipulated in a job, either.