Hope that lightning strikes!

I’ve posted before about my job.

After 22+ years here I’m just about maxed out at my present pay level. I’m very comfortable with my job - it is terribly easy for me and supports a nice lifestyle. But just to see if anything else was out there for me, over the past couple of years I have explored the possibilities of various promotions, transfers, etc. - with consistently negative results.

While I am almost at the top pay level for my position, there is a possibility of a promotion that mgmt doles out pretty infrequently. To get this promotion they have to write up 5 things over a 2 year period showing your ability to do that level work. As you can imagine, mgmt has considerable discretion in characterizing work as of that level or not.

I didn’t think I’d have a chance for it, but I had a couple of high profile things come down in my favor recently, and figured I’d at least take it to the point where I had a clear answer yes or no whether it was any possibility. If the answer is no, then I’m done turning out more work than anyone else in my position. So I brought it up at my performance eval the other week, when my boss was telling my how “awesome” (her word, not mine) the quantity and quality of my work has been. She said she’d look into it.

She came into my office the other day, closed the door, and said, “If it is going to happen, it isn’t going to happen anytime soon.” Said my work over the past 2 years didn’t qualify. Well, I decided to play the good soldier and ask how I could get that type of assignments. She said I might get one from one place and then another from someplace else. I said, “That’s 2 - I need 5.” To which she replied, “Then you have to hope that lightning strikes.

I said, “Wait a minute, I’ve gotta write that down.” So I wrote “Hope that lightning strikes” on a piece of paper, dated it, and tacked it to the bulletin board behind my chair. The I turned around to face her and said, “Well, if my promotion depends on me waiting for lightning to strike, then it sounds as tho I’d better be spending more time on the golf course!:cool:

22 Years, wow. I’m 57 and have never been anywhere longer than 5.

Wear lightning rods on your hat.

Jeez…can’t you take your talents elsewhere? That’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. I mean, shit…somebody out there must be able to match government salary, right?

Fuckers. I’d tell 'em to :o me.

Lightning struck yesterday. I can prove it. Tell her to get your new office ready.

No one would pay me anywhere near this much for so little work.

I’m no genius or superstar; I think I’m just fortunate that whatever skills/ability I have allows me to do my particular job really well and really easily.
What I don’t get is that I’m willing to do whatever they want, exert more effort, and produce even more, if only they’d make it worth my while.
But if they are going to promote other people who work no harder than me and have been here 1/2 as long, well, I’m perfecly capable of scaling back so that my output is consistent with the office’s average.
Just have to find other things with which to pass the time.

At 47 I’m a little too old to think that carrot is going to come within my grasp.
You get tired of being played for a fool.

One one hand it is a different frame of mind to realize that you have maxed out.
But OTOH, at least I am maxing out at a really comfortable level.
No serious complaints.
Just thought her comment about waiting for lightning to strike was pretty funny (in retrospect. Not at the moment. Was having a hard time keeping it civil. “Is that what happened to you? You got struck by lightning? Did x and y get struck by lightning?”) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, then the best I can do for ya is this: You provide a Flickr link with a picture of the Evil Overlady Otherwise Known as the Boss. We will each print it out and either tape it to our dart boards or fashion a voodoo likeness in which we will stick pins and do Doll Waterboarding until she perishes.

As is too common in such situations, I think my immediate boss is more incompetent than evil. I’m not sure whether I should feel sorry for her because she actually believes the BS she spews, or because she thinks I am stupid enough to believe it! :stuck_out_tongue:

They had a job at the GS level I think you’re aiming for at my agency in Boston. I was thinking of sending it to you but I know how cynical you are about the hiring process (a cynicism I share). I ended up applying for a lateral transfer to a position out there. Watch me not get it!