Sweetened Milk Caramel; for what Purpose?

I have become interested in making caramel by boiling sweetened condensed milk still in the can. I have no reason to want to do this save as a little experiment.

For Easter I will make a cheesecake. Usually I serve it with fruit as a topping. Do you think the caramel concoction would work?

Once I make a can of such caramel, what can I do with it?

Sometimes I swirl it into brownie batter (after it’s in the pan).

I’m sure it would work rather well on cheesecake, or in a variety of other sweets.

Some other uses -

Pour over a (good) vanilla ice cream.

Pour into coffee

Dip sliced apples into

Use to top waffles/pancakes

Pretty much works with most sweets and chocolates.

Thank you. It is on the hob now.

Eat it. Directly with a spoon out of the can. Enjoy every delicious second of it.

Regret your life decisions.

But to be serious, dipping it on apples or fruit is fantastic. Warming it up and drizzling on ice cream. Pie topping. Milkshakes.

Considering you’ve made dulce de leche, there are many possibilities. For example:

Dulce de leche recipes

It’s extremely versatile, and works well with pretty much anything that works with sweet. I’ve had it in/on cookies, cakes, custards, fresh fruits, pies, ice cream, crepes, Graham crackers…

This recipe works like a charm. Southern Comfort is a good substitute but any good alcohol is fine.


It goes on flan. Mmmmm. Been a while since I’ve made it.

This made me jump up and check the pantry…Yes! a can of sweetened condensed, so I’m going to try it, after I check out some recipes.

Label on my can says “Do Not Heat In Can”, perhaps because of plastic coating inside? I was planning to remove the lid anyway (heh), so I guess I’ll look for one of those chi-chi frou-frou little saucepans that I’ve never seen in anyone’s kitchen.


Suggestion to all making sweetened milk caramel-- remove from heat the second it begins to darken. It will continue to cook long after it is taken off the stove and it will burn-- trust me, I’ve learned from experience.

Went to YouTube, here:

and…three of the four recipes demonstrate cooking in an unopened can. I may try this on the deck with the hotplate at the end of an extension cord. Yeah, yeah, the presenter has (presumably) survived, and I’m not a total chicken, and I love caramel, but…


As long as you make sure the water doesn’t go dry, it’s perfectly safe. If you’re really paranoid, set a timer or alarm for 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours to remind you to top off the water.

Yes, thank you - I was thinking about this, finally, and if the water bath doesn’t evaporate, nothing in the cooker will heat over 212 F, so no steam, so no BOOM! Science!

I’m not paranoid, or not excessively so, but I’m hoping to choose the time and manner of my exit (not in the foreseeable, sorry).


I would recommend this caramel fridge tart recipe. It is a classic desert here in South Africa.

Of course you probably know you can buy the stuff already made in the can…