Swiffer Sweeper

This new fangled product is being very heavily promoted where I live, has anyone else seen it?
Is it just me? Or is that magical piece of cloth, on the end of that pole, isn’t that a dryer sheet? An anti static sheet? Which we all know, can be used several times before they turn from anti-static to pro-static. It looks just like it to me. Perhaps I am being cynical.

I’ve seen these, too, and I think that’s what they are. But I still want one.


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I have one, thinking it might be a useful weapon in the everlasting battle against pet hair. (There’s 4 dogs and 3 cats in this house, it’s a pet hair blizzard!)

The Swiffer cloths work pretty well and they DO work as advertised; they pick stuff up quick. They are NOT dryer sheets, but more of a waffle-weave type of thing.

They’re only meant to be used one time and then discarded; I find I have to flip 'em over and use both sides, we got more pet hair than one side can deal with.

They’re a help . . . better than a broom, as what you sweep up with 'em tends to stay put and not just get scattered further.

But the boxes of replacement sheets are a bit pricey. Look for coupons when you can.

your humble TubaDiva

      • At the store where I currently regret working, two or three different “brands” (strangly similar in appearance) showed up at the same time a couple weeks ago. Never saw them anywhere before that. - MC

I’ve got one as well, and they’re very handy for picking up fuzzies, pet hair, and dust off my vinyl and hardwood flooring. The swivel-head is also very nice, since I can even get the thing behind the toilet and clean the ceiling (cobweb city). It lives in the bathroom, tucked into a corner so that I remember to use it after I blow dry my hair and end up shedding all over.

I flip the sheets over as well, since it seems a shame to waste a whole side. :slight_smile:


I really like mine, and I use it after I sweep, you wouldnt believe what you miss with a broom!

Great for dusting walls, and in the asmthatic’s bedroom, it is excellent, because it doesnt spread the dust around.

Thanks for the info, I have a couple of furry friends which is why I was interested.
Is there any reason you couldn’t just throw them in the washing machine like dustrags?

They’d fall apart.

They’re thicker than a dryer sheet, but it’s still a relatively flimsy piece of material.


I saw one of these things advertised on TV that claimed that you could throw it in the washer after every use and then reuse it. But I refuse to pay 29.99 for a stick with a paper cloth rag stuck to the end of it.


I’ll bet you could put them in a “delicates bag” (a mesh bag) and wash them on gentle. Worth a shot, especially if you only have to buy half as many!

The sheets are electrostatically charged PAPER. Even if washed in a delicates bag, the paper would lose its charge and/or fall apart, so the purpose would be defeated.

I also have a couple of special dusting cloths from 3M; the instructions on the package said to wash them often . . . but they are much thicker cloth than the flimsy paper on the sweeper. (The 3M cloths also cost as much as the sweeper did and don’t work as well, although I did save one out just for camera lenses and that works fine.)

What makes this item worthwhile for me is that it’s also allergy season and I figure we need all the help we can get keeping ragweed pollen and etc. out of the house. Mostly what the cloths pick up stay on the cloth and can be discarded; you’re not just moving the material around. And the long handle on the sweeper is handy for going over walls and into corners.

Some things are just worth the money.

your humble TubaDiva

Just stock up on refills while the sweepers are still “new” and coupons are prevalent. :slight_smile:

I have one of these, and its great. As a tip, my husband has a pile of what he calls “car rags,” small white terrycloth towels that I think he got from an autosupply store for washing the car. I use them with the Swiffer to mop the floors. Just wring them out in the soapy water and attach them to the Swiffer like the paper things. When it gets dirty, turn it over, and when both sides are dirty, get a new one. That way, you aren’t constantly recycling your dirt into your wash water.

FWIW, the Swiffer is a cheaper version of the Shmop. The Shmop has a larger pad, comes with fitted terrycloth covers, and is generally higher quality. But the Swiffer is an acceptable cheap alternative.