Swiffer Joy!

For those of you with tile, hardwood, vinyl, or other similarly related smooth flooring, get yer booties down to the nearest grocery store and get yourself a Swiffer!

They’ve got a website at

I will spare you the advertising spiel, since they do a good job of speaking for themselves - but I have never been so insanely excited about a simple cleaning product before.

Since I’ve got two cats, one which has been dubbed “The shed-beast”, and I shed like a maniac myself, there’s lots of stray hair around the house. With the hardwood floor, it collects in the corners where the Hoover doesn’t reach, and the broom never seems to pick it up - it just sticks to the bristles and spreads around the house. :stuck_out_tongue:

This thing is so static-y when you push it around, I could actually hear it crackle! It picked up hairs and fuzzies and dust that I didn’t know existed on my passably-clean floor! It’s got a long handle, so I got rid of all those annoying ceiling-webs that always seem to pop up before company shows up…

Needless to say, this item is a gift from the cleaning gods. I give it my full endorsement. :slight_smile:



except I bought the one by ‘pledge’, the starter kit had two more sheets in it. :slight_smile:

I always find it interesting when two different companies bring out the same new product at the same time. It reminds me of movies, where two or more movies have the same plot, happens every summer.

I am Target bound today- I have a madly shedding Rottie and my long hair is EVERYWHERE in this house…
I have a Dirt Devil broom vac which works really good, but not for lugging upstairs or for cobwebby corners…Can’t wait!

Run for the hills, folks! Or you’ll be up to your armpits in martians!

I almost bought the Pledge one as well, except there was a store refund coupon for $5 if you bought the Swiffer, so I did. I figured I could buy the Pledge refill sheets if they ended up being cheaper.

And I’m in a cleaning frenzy. This thing rocks.


Thanks for the tip (I imagine that would be great to get those elusive microscopic particles of clumping kitty-litter in the corners, too!) – while we’re at it, has anyone found a better way to get pet hair off a couch than those roller wands? (They’re pretty much about a hundred big sheets of masking tape that you keep peeling off and throwing away when they’re full of hair.) I have to use about a half a roll every time I de-hair the couch and it seems so expensive and wasteful. I’ve seen things in stores called “pet hair remover blocks” or something that are about the size of a medium sponge and look like they might be some sort of light, porus stone. Does anyone have one of these or anything else I might not know about?

Ok, I’ve tried it as well and I’m a believer! This is a nice little tool to have, especially since you can dismantle it once you’re done. Put it back in its box et voilà! All done. I don’t think I’ll go on a cleaning frenzy, but it’s a cool tool. :wink:

I have a vibrator, a computer and pizza delivery…why on earth would I want to leave the house?

I love that thing! Swiffer makes me think of some kind of cult, though. First they break down your resolve with that insanely catchy TV jingle (I too was instantly and insanely excited when I saw this product.)Then they fill the box with coupons that you put YOUR name on and give to other people to buy Swiffer starter kits. Once they use the coupon, Swiffer sends you more coupons for refills. What an idea! First they get to you, then they get you to recruit people into the world of Swiffer. I don’t really care though, my brand new hardwood is lookin’ fantastic thanks to Swiffer. I also noticed from the box that Swiffer is from Holland - the same country that brought you insanely catchy mentos commercials. Coincidence, or a Dutch plot to rule the world one wacky product at a time? Talk amongst yourselves.

While I’m on the subject of irresistable Dutch products - have any of you had apple mentos? Kind of hard to find in my next of the woods, but seriously addictive little treats, nonetheless.

Since I’m so enamoured with this thing, maybe my UserName should be Swiffy?

What I’m curious about is why it took over twenty years to bring it to the public market. We used to use those on the parquet floors in B. Dalton Bookseller in the late 1970’s. Was there some prohibitively high production cost that they convinced Dayton-Hudson (then B. Dalton’s owners) to pay that they didn’t think they could get out of the general public?


They’re actually a rubbery sort of non-slip substance. And they do work pretty well.

On your clothes, they’re great, but on more coarse fabric, it takes a few times to get all of the hair out. You just rinse off the block when you’re finished, so, it is economical.