Swimsuit Model Question

A friend of mine gave me the Sports Illustrated Page a day Swimsuit Calender, and most of the models in it are ones I’m familiar with, but one of them I find to be absolutely stunning. So, since the internet is for exchanging porn and insulting people anonymously, I figured I’d fire up the ole PC and see if I couldn’t find any other pics of her. I type her name (Janelle) into the various search engines and come up empty. I try some variations, still nothing. I go to Sports Illustrated’s web site and find pictures of all the other swimsuit models, but not her. Huh? WTF? Anybody have any inkling as to where I might find some pics of her? (Of course, don’t post any links that might be of a “questionable” nature. E-mail 'em to me. :smiley: )

Did you try Google’s image search? Does she just go by Janelle?


Google’s image search kicks out about 3,000 images, and she does just go by Janelle.

Is this her?

Or maybe her?

Oh yeah, its both of them. Can you just picture either one of them on the cover a SI? :rolleyes:

Probably not the pics you’re looking for :wink: Tuckerfan, but is this her?

Yup, that’s her. Wish they had some pics of her in a swimsuit, but that’s definately her.