Hot Playboy Celebrities

I would love to get a hold of some of those Marylin Monroe pics. Anyone know where I can find them online?

They’re almost certainly at, but in the pay section. If you want to get them for free, they’re probably floating around somewhere in the shadier corners of the Internet, but the SDMB won’t be a guide to those corners.

There is a very popular and powerful search engine that will most likely lead you to what you want.

There must even be unknown, poorly designed, and never updated search engines that will do the job.

You can get dirty pictures online? Why didn’t anyone tell me!

Did you just learn about the Internet?

I don’t believe it. The internet would never have pornography. And if it did, IF, it would be so hard to find it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

I think I figured it out. I just have to download a thing called a ‘browser’ from some country I need to reset my modem to dial: Moldavia, I think, and I’ll be good to go. I sure wish the rest of the world would figure it out. Wow, boobs!

I know the cost of an internet connection is paid for by the byte. So, to help out, I told my friend to wire you some money. Be looking for his email. He’s a prince in Nigeria.

Uh oh. It looks like I have 6.02214179(30)×1023 viruses. I’m going to download some spyware to fix that. I don’t want to catch anything.

Wait, the Internet isn’t for porn?

CMC fnord!
I guess I really should post a link, 'cause if ya can’t find porn on the 'net you’ll never find that song.

Al Gore would never invent anything that could be used for porn. Not when Tipper and the PMRC are trying to stamp out dirty records like Prince’s “Darling Nikki”.

“Fast forward 25 years- I’m still married to my first wife and none of my kids have ever been arrested. Can Al and Tipper Gore say that?” - Dee Snider

Snark aside, the first issue of Playboy is easy to obtain in digital or facsimile form. It has exactly one nude picture of Marilyn, and it is the same as the first one that pops up on any Google search of “Marilyn Monroe Nude.”

drew barrymore?


Ooh…Drew. I’d step over my dying mother for Drew Barrymore. Shit, I’d go to a Rebecca Black/Justin Beiber concert for Drew. And I’d be flicking my Bic, yelling “Freebird!” the whole time.

A couple of seconds on Google found this:

ht tp://

Just copy and paste and delete the space in http.

So - is the OP legit and you all are joking around within *that *context?

Is this someone trying to get us to head over to the “what’s your favorite list” website by invoking boobies? And you all totally get that the OP is trying to shill us over to a website and are having fun within *that *context??

I banned the OP, who kept linking to the same site in all his posts. I’ll leave the topic open.