Swindler, armed with electric underpants, tries massive scam.

He tried to swindle the courts by simulating a heart attack using electric underpants.

Where the hell do you get electric underpants? :confused:

From this guy.

Mechanical trousers are not the same as high voltage knickers.

I Googled “electric underpants” because I was sure that Ebay would have a sponsored link. They don’t, but there are several other sponsored links that one could investigate:

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The only other time I Googled something for which Ebay was not a sponsored link was for “piece of the true cross”, which has no sponsored links. The entire “true cross”, however, has several sponsored links:

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[/bit of a hijack]

Sounds like something from a pornographic fairy tale: “You didn’t need the power panties. You had the real power between your legs all along.”