Add this to the list of ways I do not want to go

I thought this sort of thing was an urban legend, but:

::cringes just thinking about it::

Man that is a bad way to go. way bad . way way bad

As a kid I use to pee on a neighbor’s electric fence wire. Only got zapped a few times. Wonder if I was just lucky.

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Reminds me: I should really start a thread on why hotdogs should never be cooked on a BBQ grill…

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Slo-mo film or still pictures usually show that what looks like a solid, continuous stream of fluid is actually a series of discrete droplets. (I’m just saying, here… I’m not out filming anyone whizzin’ on nature, mkay?) An electric current usually needs a solid connector to flow through. The multiple air gaps in the stream will serve as insulators.

Unless you were up close and personal to the fence, I’d be a little surprised that you got zapped.

I also doubt that, outside of James Bond films, the average electric fence is designed to kill. They’re usually designed to keep in animals.

Er…why did you keep doing it after you got zapped the first time?

There was a Mythbusters where they showed this was very, very unlikely. The stream isn’t actually continuous and thus electricity shouldn’t be able to reach one’s body. They showed the only way it could happen would be if one were to get extremely close (a couple inches) to the source of the electricity while urinating. :dubious:

We wonder because we’ve never been 8-year-old boys, FS. Several years ago my son lingered for quite a long time at the aquarium interactive exhibit, experiencing what it would be like to be zapped by an electric eel over … and over … and over again. We were like WTF? Later that summer, he wanted to try on a neighbor’s dog’s “shock collar” after they installed the invisible fence. Again, WTF? We tease him about it to this day.

Add this to the list of ways I do not want to go.

Men may actually have an instinctual urge to experience danger from a young age. Any who get killed don’t breed, so on average the species gets tougher and stronger. Plus, we mostly lose this trait by our 30’s, so the survivors are smarter, wiser, and tougher for it.

Well, at least nobody shot Messenger. Ya gotta give 'em that.

You don’t have to be an 8-year-old boy- just being a boy is usually enough. My brother-in-law and I took turns one day trying on his dog’s electric collar and seeing how high either of us could stand being zapped. I think we were in our late 30’s.

ETA: Of course, alcohol was likely involved.

My son has been repeatedly licking a 9v battery this week. Weird.

Were his last words, “Hold my beer and watch this!”?

I don’t understand the part about a live wire in a ditch - why would there be a live wire in there?

I love how the ads that came up with that page were for dog food.

The article says that his car hit a pole, so I’m assuming the collision put the power line there.

We had a downed wire less than a half-block away after a big storm, and the electric company was out with trucks, area was cordoned off with barricades, wire lying in the middle of the street, hole in the asphalt where it was sparking like mad in the rain earlier, etc. My husband was watching the scene from our front porch. Some passerby walked around a barricade and was moving to touch the wire when an astonished worker yelled to stop and get out of there. IIRC the person was at least middle-age or older, but I’d have to ask my husband to remind of me of the gender.

Yikes what a fucked up way to die. Surviving a car accident, just to die by pissing on a power line straight afterwards.

Interessting thing is, this thing made it all the way to Germany.

They may sometime call it a rod, but that doesn’t mean you want to use it as a lightning rod.

I thought this thread was going to be about

I’d prefer not to go this way as well.