swords for the us army

what is the name of the company that makes the sabers for the us army now a’days. is it one single company or just one desine that anyone can copy. (plus any info on where i could get one new for cheep would help)

You can get a US Marine sword for $395.
Or go for the Air Force model for $295.

If you shop around on the 'net you can find them at various prices. Google is your friend. You’ll be amazed at the number of companies selling edged weapons out there…

i still would like to know if there is a single maker that makes the “offical” sabers for the army or if any maker can copy a standerd desine.

I checked with the Navy Exchange System, and this is what they had to say:

In our telephone conversation, she indicated that if you were in Spain, France, or Germany, you could order the sword directly from the maker, and save considerably on the tarrif. Of cousre, there are still import duties to be paid…

She indicated the Spanish swords were most often selected due to their higher quality. She further indicated that as long as the sword met standards (I’ve no idea what they are, or where to find them), pretty much anyone could make one that was acceptable for Uniform Wear.

Note: Per Navy Uniform Regs, only CDR (O-5) and above are required to own a sword.