Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) Dies at 60

Or so Agence France-Presse is reporting, citing a spokeswoman for Pink Floyd. No web link available.

BBC link

The Founder of Floyd has finally passed on, but his mind left us long ago.
Parts of Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here were both somewhat about him.
He went so far around the bend that he never came back. A long time ago I read an interview he did for High Times. I would guess this was the late 70’s. His mind was already completely Obscured by Clouds. He talked to the reporter brief on his front steps and then got lost looking at the clouds. His Mum told the the reporter that was it and she spoke to the reporter for a few more minutes. I believe he was brushing his teeth the entire time the interview went on.

I guess I feel like he left us long ago and this is just the husk that has pass away.


Shine on, Syd.

What sad news. I hope he was happy in his final years.

Super frowny face so very sad. Ugh.

His music lives on.

I wonder what happened with all the paintings that he made in his later years?

Poor old chap. Reckon he’d have cracked anyway, even without the bucketloads of LSD?

I have heard he was a little odd from the early on. Maybe a little crazy.
From Wiki:

A shame. Just as an opening for a new Depends spokesperson opens up, bang…he goes and drops dead.

Since my thread got deaded for duping this one I’ll chip in here.

And his early years too. I wonder if they’ll be made public now?

Same here, when John Peel died I did feel sad, but the Syd that sang Arnold Layne (or even the half-gone one that sang Octopus and Baby Lemonade) has been gone a long time. Hard to feel strongly about the strange old chap who had abandoned his past.

interestingly, CNN chose an exerpt from Bike in their article…

His ghost has haunted the band for nearly 40 years–what a bittersweet day it must be for Dave, Roger, Nick and Rick. I imagine he’s gone to a better place now. RIP, Syd.

Bittersweet??? Er… are you sure about that?
I recently bought the import box-set at Virgin in Chicago. I love Syd’s material. What a sad day.

My apologies for a dup. thread.

Anyhoo, very sad indeed, and, according to David Gilmour, Syd wasn’t really happy in his post-Floyd years. My guess is his diabetes was caused in large part by antipsychotic meds., and it’s likely he battled severe metal illness up until his death.

No! Aw shit! :frowning:

I mean, I know… I guess I just had always hoped…

Aw, shit. :frowning:
I will miss you.

Wrong word, I guess. What I was getting at was that the rest of the band is riding pretty high these days, with both camps having sucessful tours, the long-anticipated release of the Pulse DVD, and the incredible buzz that was generated by the Live8 appearance. The news of Syd’s death must have surely hit them like a ton of bricks.

Wish you were here

R.I.P. You crazy diamond. A sad end for a psychedelic master. :frowning: