Sydneysiders, what’s the weather like down there ?

I hear there’s a bit of a monsoon going on. That’s a shame! Any chance it’ll clear up in the next 20 hours or so ?

Will it impede England’s great free flowing try scoring ability?

Good opening shot Larigan, yer feckin’ midget.

Where’s those Sharon’s in the green and yellow ?

You know, I reckon white lycra waders and wellies, and gold lycra waders and wellies could only add to the spectacle*!

Fingwers cwossed for the white waders.

*But then again I’m a girl and am still having fond memories of the sight of the bare front of Neil Back. Yum

sharons? don’t you mean Ozzies? :smiley:

Good call putting this in the Pitt, though London_Calling, the Australians’ll should be in from the pub soon!

That’s them, Johnny ( :slight_smile: ). I’ve never heard so much whinging and carping about anything and everything in my whole bloody life. You’d almost think they were making up excuses before the off. Sharon’s, all of ‘em
(For the uninitiated , a little pre-match banter)

I haven’t checked the weather LC. I’m 600 miles north in lovely southern Queensland. A gorgeous 30 degrees Celsius with cooling sea breezes and perfect slightly cool nights. Absolutely wonderful weather.

And it’s Schoolies Week here on the Gold Coast too. Hundreds of thousands of high school graduates descend onto my home town for a fortnite of partying.

I might be 41 years of age, and I’d never go out at night to chat 'em up - but it sure is fun going cycling during the day and perving on the bikinis. Some of 'em even told me I had a nice arse today. So ummm… in short… I’m in heaven LC. I couldn’t give a stuff about the Final.

You believe me don’t you?

Not a lot, BBF. But like a lot of your fellow green and yellow folk, you seem to be keeping a low profile . . . anyway, you try to stop worrying and do try to get a good night’s sleep.
And, curley chick, I think you’d look *beautiful *in white waders

It’s been pissing rain most of the day and likely tomorrow morning as well, though it’s cleared up at the moment. I’m about 5km from Homebush and can watch the fireworks from my roof. Jeez, I wonder which mob that’ll suit?

8pm cool & wet. Bugger. I thought we had an firm order in for a 3pm start @ 30deg C … heads will roll.

The surface at will handle it without a problem so rather than a wall game mud fight it’s going to be a duel using a cake of soap.

How much start are you offering L_C?

No my friend - you’re merely mistaking the capacity that a lot of us Australians have to actually be gracious and magnanimous. Just doesn’t make good press copy sadly. Much better to focus on the boorish behaviour - and I can understand that.

In the recent England v Turkey football international in Turkey, all I kept reading about were the fears regarding hooliganism. It’s sad.

We Aussies on the other hand truly love our English links. We derive immense ironic humour from the fact that you sent your worst prisoners to a country which, with hindsight, you should have left back in England and sent EVERYONE ELSE in their place!

Ya gotta admit, that’s pretty fucking funny with hindsight. And now, we’ve really nailed our wine industry too. So we’re set. We’re laughing. Thanks for the country LC. Thanks for the stable government, and the commitment to fine Protestant ideals in commerce and justice. Thanks for it all.

I suspect the weather’s pretty much a red herring, woolly, got up by your local press boys. As you’ll remember, we won in Sydney in June by three tries to one, in the high and dry 30s and playing a running game – week before that we won in Auckland in terrible rain (as per last week with the French).

Anyway, I think England by about 15 - but it does depend a little on the weather, gap bigger in the rain. And I am putting my money where my mouth is (my spread is fairly wide, though).

Where’s your money going ?

If you’re offering 14 1/2 start, then I’m on the mob in gold.

What’s the ante?

Mind you if Wilkinson puts over a drop goal in the first minute, spends the next 79 kicking it into the crowd and the Poms win 3-0, we’ll be hearing Sweet Chariot for weeks. :slight_smile:

Strewth, woolly. Give a bloke a bit of room, would ya . . . dear oh dear.

How ‘bout . . . 8 ½ point start for the hosts, with a straight bottle of Champagne to the winner, hand delivered, whenever that may be?

btw, I’m a bit disappointed none of you fellers have told me where I can park my Chariot. Certainly been getting plenty of unsolicited advice in the pubs this week.

For anyone interested, here’s what the robbers down my High Street are offering: Ladbrokes
Are you sure that colour is gold, looks yellow from here . . . ?

You’re the one who’s waving John Bull. I’m just trying to be hospitable. :smiley:

Make it 10 1/2 with a good bottle of single malt delivered courtesy of the internet and a bottle of froggy fizz hand delivered on the whenever.

I’m out of here to get some shut eye … it’s 1:45am here and Lamb #1 is playing cricket in less than 6 hours time. Send me an e:mail if we’re set.

From today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

One point, Is the game being played in the Telstradome?

If so, won’t the game be indoors then?


Telstra Stadium, Sydney which doesn’t have a retractable roof
Telstra Dome, Melbourne which does.

It’s been lightly raining most of the night. Looks like a nice pommie winter’s day 20C, overcast, low cloud and the rain falling straight down.

Cloudy. Scattered showers, tending to drizzle at times morning and night. Moderate S/SE winds, fresh at times on the coast.

I’m tipping 16-6 to Australia in the final myself. I think the Australians will play as close to a perfect game as possible in terms of not giving penalties away at the breakdown. I’m predicting that the Australians will gladly back their defensive capabilities and dare the English to keep the ball in hand at the expense of giving penalty shots.

Don’t you mean a nice summer’s day? :stuck_out_tongue:

5 Live report a morning rainstorm going on in Sydney now. Doesn’t make much difference either way, just takes the green and yellows from next to no chance to no chance.

“Are you Norwich in disguise…?”