Symbolism - Esp. Tim Findley's "NotWantedOnTheVoyage"

Hey, little homework help. I have to do reading notes and I’m having some trouble with Symbolism. My teacherjust told me to do notes on the symbolism in Timothy Findley’s Not Wanted on The Voyage.

What is symbolism exactly and how do I note it from literature?how does it differ from imagery?

Any thoughts as to specific symbolism from NWOTV?

Thanks very much.

A symbol is an object, action, or gesture that represents something else. It differs from an allegorical sign in that it has a real, not an abitrary, existence. A rose symbolizes beauty; a goat symbolizes lust; raised arms denote surrender; a cleched fist symbolizes aggression.

Imagery is the use of language to represent objects, feelings, thoughts, actions, ideas, or experiences.

An example of a literary symbol is a journey to the underworld and return (Virgil, Dante, Joyce). Such a journey may be an interpretation of a spiritual experience or a redemptive odyssey.

NOT WANTED ON THE JOURNEY I remember as being a pretty darn good book; I read it about 15 years ago, though, so I can’t remember all that much about it aside from its being a takeoff on the Biblical tale of Noah. But it shouldn’t be hard for you to dig out some symbols and identify them.

[Thanks to the PENGUIN DICTIONARY OF LITERARY TERMS, from which much of the above was paraphrased.]