Synch Palm to Outlook, just the calendar?

I want to synch my Tungsten T3 to my Outlook 2003 calendar. The unit ships with software that supports a synch to Outlook, but it synchs everything, memos, to-do list, contacts, etc. I just want to synch the calendar, because I don’t much like how Outlook handles tasks and memos and they are not very compatible with the Palm. I am having a lot of trouble with those.

Anybody know of alternatives that allow me to choose which conduits to set up?

For, for the record, I LOVE Outlook Tasks. If I’m out and about, and realize that there’s something I need to do, I add it to my To-Dos on the Palm, then sync to the computer when I get home, and Outlook actually reminds me to do them. :smiley: I like Memos, too, but not as much. However, I can’t live without the Calendar and Address Book.

However, it is easy to set up only the conduits you want to sync. You should have the HotSync icon in the System Tray (in the Task bar, near the clock on the right-hand side). (The HotSync icon looks almost like a circular recycling symbol in red and blue.)

If you click on the HotSync icon in the System Tray, then click on Custom… in the menu that opens, you will get a list of all the conduits you can sync to. You can change any or all of them, but you have to do it one at a time. If you want to turn off syncing to Tasks, click Outlook Tasks, then click the Change button. Select the Do Nothing option, then click the Set as Default box to check it.

TaDa!!! Next time you sync, both Palm and Outlook will completely ignore any changes made to the Task List.

I realized I was not specific enough. Not only do I want to not synch to Outlook, I want memos and to-do’s to synch to the Palm desktop. Turning off those conduits just totally turns them off.

I like Outlook tasks and I like Palm To Do’s but they aren’t compatible.
[li]For tasks created on the Palm, Outlook shows them all with a status of In Progress, regardless of whether I’ve checked them off as Completed on the Palm. [/li][li]If I set an Alarm on a Palm to do, Outlook does not set a reminder.[/li][li]Palm has priority 1-5 but Outlook has only Low, Normal and High.[/li][/ul]
So a lot of information is lost in synching.