Syphon Filter 1 vs. Syphon Filter 2

I stopped by Walmart this morning in order to pick up a new PSone game. I had heard great things about Syphon Filter so I figured I would pick it up. When I got to the game section I found that Syphon Filter 2 was the same price and 2 discs long so I bought it instead. When I got to work and looked up the reviews at it loks as though perhaps I should have gotten Syphon Filter 1.

Does anybody have any opinions? I would appreciate it because if one is better, I will go back after work and change it out.


There’s very little difference in the game engine. The trouble is, that after a while you get good at the game and they can’t really make the bad guys too much tougher without turning them into supermen. The result is that the game must use clever traps and things to make the game interesting. By the time SF2 came out, those traps that were innovative and fun, seemed rather forced and gimmicky. SF2 was more of an extension of the SF1 storyline too.

I haven’t played SF3 yet.

Yeah, having played both, I really think 1 was more fun than 2. 2 does have some great levels (particularly the museum, club, and NY slum levels) but it can be tedius running around with a hand taser sneaking up on people. If you get seen, you have to try again on some levels. SF1 was consistently better, in my opinion, with only a few levels I really didn’t care for. They’re both worthwhile games, but given the choice, I prefer #1 over #2.

I love them all. (3 is great by the way except a bit short compared to 2)

I personally think that going through them in order is the best way to play though as there is kind of a storyline.

Also, it seems that 1 has a little more action, more shooting bad guys whereas 2 is a little more cerebral. More stealth. They balance each other quite nicely though. The bridge and train level in SF2 are very cool. My favorite level though is probably the park in SF1.

Almost forgot. One big difference between 1 and 2 is that you have a two player option in SF2. Still, play them in order and enjoy. They are very addicting. Speaking of which, I need to get back to the Sims now… :slight_smile:

Well I took your advice and returned 2 for 1. I only had the opportunity to play it for a minute or two but it looked pretty fun. The graphics leave a lot to be desired but it looks like it has a lot of potential.

Thanks again!