Any Syphon Filter Fans?

I thought I would throw this out because it is one of my all-time favorite playstation games. I just finished 3 last night and was a disappointed that it ended so soon.

Just wondering if there were other fanatics out there like me. If so, which one was your favorite in the series and what do you think of the mini-games in the 3rd one

I’m a fan.

First one was excellent and one of the best games to grace the PSX. Kind of a more action-oriented Metal Gear Solid. The taser was crazy fun. So was the sniper rifle.

Bought the second one about a month or so ago and finished it off a couple weeks later. It was good, but not as good as the original. A few of the levels were plain tedious. I also don’t like everything shrouded in darkness. A daylight mission would’ve been cool. As would some more weather effcts (rain, snow). but I enjoyed the second enough tor ecommend and it was a worthy successor to the original.

Haven’t played #3 and have heard its kind of short and easy compared to the other 2. Maybe I should just rent it.

My favorite level is still probably the Central Park level from SF1. Yeah, it was in the dark, but there was a great balance of action and stealth, plus a bunch of different and interesting mission objectives. Plus I got to break out the sniper rifle. :slight_smile:

IMO, 3 is an extension of SF2, the scenery was awesome as was a new weapon that allows you to shoot through walls. I wouldn’t necessarily call it easy but easier. But it comes to an end quicker than you would expect.

I think the mini-games are a great addition though. They allow you to play little missions based on stealth, marksmanship, assasin, etc… they keep the game fresh long after you have finished. They start very easy and get ridiculously hard quickly.