System Restore question: Will my problem return?

For reasons inexplicable, one of the apps on my computer stopped opening up recently, and I couldn’t figure out why. I suppose something I installed interfered with it somehow.

So after much frustration I tried System Restore (this is XP Pro) to a point about three weeks ago, a time when I know the app worked properly, and huzzah, it’s now going just fine.

But my question is, is it likely that the problem will return? Could it have been a Windows Update, for example, that caused this problem and so inevitably when it next updates I’ll be back where I was? Or does System Restore not revert Windows Updates?

On a related note, can anyone think of a reason why a video file conversion application would just cease opening up? Could it have been a .dll caused by a video card driver update?

There is not enough information given. What program was it? What did you install afterwards?

It’s likely that the problem will return if you do the same thing again. As for what might’ve caused it in the first place, you have to be more specific.

I’m asking about the principles of System Restore, not about the program.

But for the people who need to know, the application is Firestore DV Standards Converter, and the only thing I think I installed was new video card drivers.

Which is what I implied in the last paragraph.