Szechuan sauce is back 26 February 2018!

Rick and Morty totally fucking rocks!

McDonald’s even did a podcast specifically to apologize and explain things: “McDonald’s didn’t understand just how much demand there would be for an obscure, decades-old dip.”

I haven’t eaten anything from a McDonald’s in over two decades, but I’ll be hitting a drive-thru on Monday!

I love R&M and them getting that sauce back is one of the best things ever. I’ll be getting some too for sure.

I don’t understand why other than the show why people want a spiced up sweet and sour sauce that you can get any where that has Asian markets …

Totally. And I can make better Szechuan sauce at home from scratch.

Well make some, package it and start selling it! You already know there’s a huge group of people who will go out of their way to get it, and according to you and nightshadea they don’t even really care about quality. How could you lose out?

Sidebar please: what is Rick and Morty?

The Cub wanted me to buy it on Apple this morning, and I shied away when the Apple menu said “Rick and Morty (uncensored)”. I made an executive decision that if Apple thought it necessary to add “uncensored” I shouldn’t buy it for the Cub.

So instead he used his allowance to buy a Ninjago season and all was good.

So, Rick and Morty??

I feel like people getting excited about the sauce based on Rick and Morty really didn’t understand the joke.

Nothern Piper, Rick and Morty is an adult animated show. Not remotely suitable for children.

I can only speak for myself, but I just am curious to know what the stupid thing tastes like after hearing all about it. Sure, it may just taste like the store-bought stuff, but McDonald’s is also known for putting their spin on stuff.

I’ve watched only one episode, and it didn’t really grab me. Interesting premise, but I’m not into “gross.”

Also, does anyone know what qualifies as a “qualifying purchase”? Do you have to buy nuggets? I plan to just get fries if I can.

I’m betting a lot of McD’s employees are planning to call in sick tomorrow… (Also, since this seems to be another limited deal, I’m also betting a lot of the packets are going to get diverted.)

If the Cub is young enough that you’re the one making this decision, yes, it is the right decision. Show’s hilarious, but the humour is often very dark, frequently getting humour from child abuse, cannibalism, addiction, family dysfunction, brutal murder and so forth…or else very vulgar, using sex jokes, obscenity-laden ranting, etc. It can also be very smart - though not to the extent that some of the more…enthusiastic fans frequently imply - but it’s definitely not kid-friendly.