T. Rex and the Amish

Things like this are what make America great:

There’s a picture, too:

Googling the site’s name doesn’t turn up pictures of a T. Rex pulling an Amish buggy – just a horse-drawn one. Must be a new addition.

I am disappoint. I live very close to the Ohio Amish country, and I have seen lots of buggies but neither T. Rex nor Bigfoot. :frowning:

So obviously not true… the Amish can’t use lasers.

I’m pretty sure the Star Trek Order Amish are allowed.

They are allowed to use horse drawn lasers. And apparently Bigfoot and T. Rex drawn lasers as well.

Never forget, people, never forget.

I thought foot-treadle lasers were ok too.

Why on earth did I click that link to see if there really was a foot treadle laser?

Because, like me, you want one. Just because.

Admittedly, it would be a good way to build calf strength while eliminating those who have dared to question your greatness.

Google maps satellite view shows the T-rex and big foot, but no buggy. The street view is a few years old and it looks like there used to be some bounce houses there instead.

Is that a Titanic slide? Awesome!

I’m sure the Amish don’t mind if you bang a gong.

I just passed DuBois, PA on I 80 YESTERDAY. Goddammit you skip reading the Dope for one day.

Talk about a day late and a dollar short.

How do you pronounce DuBois? “Doo bwah?”

The satellite view looks clearly like a T-Rex to me especially the shadow upon the ground. Exactly between the street and the red circle (carosel? merrygoround?) thing.

You mean someone faked the picture of the T-Rex pulling an Amish buggy?! How can this be – the Amish aren’t allowed to used PhotoShop.

I’m pretty sure the World Weekly Order Amish are allowed to use PhotoShop.

If you enjoyed, that, you might also enjoy this image of a bear dressed as Teddy Roosevelt riding Abraham Lincoln with laser eyes.

Looks real to me.