T. Rex Autopsy

This is a couple of years old but it was new to me, maybe to others here as well. An “autopsy” of a full-scale model of a Tyrannosaurus that was made as anatomically accurate as is currently known.



“Wait a minute! Something doesn’t add up! I think this T. rex was killed somewhere else, and the body was moved here to make it look like he died here.”

“This wasn’t a meteor strike. Something else crushed this big girl’s cranium before the Tunguska Event.”

Artistic differences?

Yes, I saw that first time around. Fascinating and fun to watch.

It wasn’t lupus.

C.S.I. Cretaceous. :stuck_out_tongue:

The asteroid came from the grassy knoll.


They all did it.

I think it was Mr. Mustard in the Library with the Lead pipe.

And a ladder.

Shouldn’t it be T. Tex Necropsy?

Q: So what can kill a forty-foot long, seven ton predator?
A: No one who’s found out came back… :smiley:

Q: What is a dinosaurs least favorite reindeer?
A: Comet.

No need for an autopsy. Bolan’s death killed T. Rex.