T-Rex soft tissue DNA has been sequenced (maybe)


Follow up on that story from a few years ago when they apparently found soft tissue in a dino fossil. Looks like there are still some skeptics that think the DNA might be from later contamination, though.

So when do we get Richard Attenborough, Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, and the rest of the cast together?

The biggest skeptics, who believed Schweitzer had ostrich proteins contaminating hers, have withdrawn their skepticism before now.

The skepticism now seems more like a lot of hand-waving by people who haven’t really examined her findings in depth.

Even the YEC’s believe her. They *love *her!

They didn’t sequence the DNA, they sequenced one protein. That is, they chopped it up and figured out which amino acids it was made of, and in which order. Nothing to do with DNA at all. Still impressive and all; let’s just be accurate.

And, as the central dogma of molecular biology tells us, you can’t transfer information from protein to nucleic acid acid or protein to protein. So it is interesting in a scientific sense, but we don’t need to worry about members of order Saurischia pursuing a babbling, oddly robotic Jeff Goldblum through a tropical island jungle, regardless of what that would do to revive his film career.


I saw on a Nat Geo dino TV special where a scientist claimed it would soon be entirely possible to genetically engineer a large bird like a cassowary into a “dinosaur” of sorts.

They can already activate a gene/s that makes them grow teeth. Then there’s more for a raptor like tail. And finally, and I would think most difficult, hands/claws. With these features, his point was, you’d essentially have a living dinosaur.

I would much rather have a bunch of cloned carnivorous dinos running through the countryside than even one cloned Jeff Goldblum.

Aw, some of his performances were actually self-effacingly funny. At least, IMHO.

Were they intended to be?

Yeah, but know what will happen – even though all the Jeff Goldblums you clone will be male, the incorporated frog genes will alow some of them, under extreme libidinal pressure, to spontaneously change sex, and then all those Goldblums will reproduce, and before you know it they’ll be overrunning the island and playing piano all over the place.

I’m pretty sure they’d use fly genes, not frog genes.

With or without fly DNA?


Heh. Reminds me of my favorite quote from a book i just finished:

“One had gills. One glowed in the dark. One was orange and claimed to photosynthesize.” -------Cory Doctorow, “Makers”

A pack of wild Jeff’s escape from behind an electric fence
and hunt down our heroes one by one
I don’t think you can get funding for this movie.:dubious:

No need for movie funding, I just would need to buy sufficient ammunition. I’m sure the Jeffs aren’t as smart as velociraptors.

Goldblum is an accomplished jazz pianist and has four film awards (including an academy award and an Emmy). He plays a convincing nerd, which I think takes some smarts. He’d beat a velociraptor on Jeopardy any day, and it seems probable his clones could, too. His nails just aren’t as long.