T-Shirt Easter Egg

About 10 years ago, several members of my family and I went on a week-long rafting trip down the Colorado River (yes, awesome time, natch).

When it was over, the company that ran the trip gave everyone a bag of company-branded gear – one of the items being a t-shirt. It has the company logo, plus a long panorama drawing of your standard desert/mesa/canyon scene.

Ten years now I’ve been occasionally wearing that shirt, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I really looked at it. Very clever, guys.

OK. You have baffled me.

Roadrunner & coyote. It took me a sec.

Couldn’t have been Acme Rafting, Inc. You came back alive.


I was over-analyzing it… as usual.

Will I never learn?

So that explains that other group that went by at 300 mph with their rocket-powered raft.

And the raft-and-passenger-shaped hole we saw in a cliff face a couple of miles down the river…