T.V. Helicopters Crash


Summary: Two rival news stations sent helicopters to cover a police chase; these helicopters apparently didn’t notice each other’s presence and collided. I would think that those who piloted the choppers would be responsible but apparently not:

Is this fair? The guy on the ground, though comitting a serious offence, had absolutely NO control over what happened in the air. It was up to the news stations to send those helicopters and it was up to the pilots to make sure these helicopters didn’t crash into anything else. Unless the suspect shined a laser into the pilot’s eyes, I fail to see how he is guilty of anything other that what the police were chasing him for in the first place (and tresspassing & breaking an entering). Is this just the police chief letting out his grief to the media or will the suspect really be prosecuted for a pilot’s error?

There’s a GQ thread about this at the moment.

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