Tabasco lovers: what do you put it on?

For a while, I’d just been putting Tabasco on my eggs, especially when scrambled with feta cheese. Then I learned from a Doper whose name I don’t recall that it’s really good mixed in cottage cheese.

Lovers of this pepper sauce, what do like to put it on or mix it into?

French Fries
Any kind of hot meat/cheese sandwich/burger
Cream cheese with crackers
Clam chowder
Fried chicken

Heck, just about any entree

Pretty much everything. We go through one of the big bottles every two weeks or so between my girlfriend and I. It goes on or in damned near most of what we cook or make be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I don’t even like pizza anymore if there isn’t Tabasco available, and by the way no, resturants of the world, Cholula *isn’t * the same thing. There’s nothing wrong with it (or any other hot sauce for that matter) but nothing else tastes like Tabasco does.

I LOVE Tobasco. I’ve got a bottle of every flavor in my fridge.

Eggs are good. Haven’t tried cottage cheese, but I’m going to, now. One of my favorite sides at a local diner is “deluxe home fries”: sliced potatoes fried in bacon fat with mushrooms, onions, and green bell peppers. Tobasco goes great on those.

Good with fried clams or fried squid.

Also chili and Thai-style stir-fry.

Cornbread would probably be good, but I never make cornbread.

Agreed. Also like it in tomato juice and on pizza.

This is my lunch for today–I get those little 6" frozen quiches from Trader Joe’s, microwave 'em, and completely slather the top with Tabasco. Spread it around with a fork and let it sit for a minute to sink in. Right now, instead of regular Tabasco, I’m using the chipotle version, which is pretty mild, but oh so yummy.

Gonna go make this right now.

Chicken salad
Turkey sandwiches
Brunswick stew
turnip greens
barbecue hash (georgia-carolina style)
beef tongue sandwiches
tuna fish

If you haven’t already, try it on cooked greens like kale, collards, turnip greens, and especially spinach. It’s a good alternative to vinegar and pepper sauce.

It’s also fun with Club crackers and saltines.

Surely y’all have heard the one about how you can tell if a couple will stay married?

I like it on many things, but my favorite is claim chowder.

For that matter, I think that cream/shellfish/tabasco is one of the holy trinities of cooking. The sweet richness of the first two items is delectably set off by the vinegary spiciness of the last item.

However, this theory doesn’t explain why it’s so godawful good on shrimp gumbo. I don’t think I could eat gumbo if I couldn’t douse it with tabasco.

I’ve heard that Tabasco mixed with butter and poured over popcorn helps the popcorn keep longer. No idea if that’s true or not.

Easier to list what I don’t put it on:

  1. My wife.
    That’s about it. Although I perfer Crystal to Tabasco, personally.

Tabasco original is a bit too vinegary for my taste.

Tabasco jalapeno (the green stuff), and Tabasco chipotle go on eggs, cheese, sausage, english muffins, with vegemite, marmite, bovril, tomato juice, v-8, chicken sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, soups, stews, chowders, and on occasion bolognese spaghetti sauce. Also baked beans, Mac and cheese, and just about anything else except for dessert items. On those I use Toad Sweat dessert hot sauces.

Tabasco habanero goes with black beans cuban style, and also Crabcakes prepared in the Maryland style. And I really haven’t found a place for Tabasco garlic flavored yet.

Oh, and if I’m in the mood for something a bit hotter than tabasco, I usually use endorphin rush, sriricha, or one of Blair’s lesser efforts.

Oh, and nearly 90% of ‘mexican’ food.

Not that the others aren’t up for the task, but it works really nicely in marinara sauce, if you’re given to using a decent amount of garlic in your sauces. It works well on pizza too, but then again no hot sauce dosen’t. It’s milder than I expected that it would be when I first tried it, but it’s a good flavor for sure.


Haven’t heard. Please share.

And thanks for all the suggestions. I just had lunch, but this thread is making me hungry all over again.

Never tried it myself, but I once saw tip some Tabasco over ice cream :eek: :eek:

That’s just silly.

Desserts like iced cream should have Toad Sweat dessert hot sauces!

This must truly be the purpose for which the Original McIlhenny’s Tabasco was designed. I like my shrimp gumbo with lots of andouille sausage chunks, too, which I guess makes it shrimp/sausage gumbo. But after being liberally doused with Tabasco, in any form, it becomes the true food of the gods.

You can tell a couple is going to stay married if they’re into their second bottle of Tabasco sauce.

How many homes do you visit where (if they have any at all) their Tabasco bottle has one of the original labels?

It’s like that old joke by somebody like Corbett Monica or Myron Cohen or one of the guys that visited Carson a lot. There’s really only one fruitcake. It keeps getting sent to somebody else each holiday season.

Sorry for the sidetrack…

Actually, we don’t use much Tabasco at all…

Rack #1 of 4

Rack #2 of 4

Not to mention the shelf of hot sauces I cook with regularly, which currently has…14 bottles on it. :smiley:

Can we have a Dopefest at your house Silenus? Puhleeeeeeeeeze? :smiley: