TableTop Day? anyone playing games on the 30th?

Just interested if anybody else is planning a game day on Saturday.


My family has enjoyed Wil Weaton’s show Tabletop. Just heard that they are approaching 500,000 views…and are ready to air a second season.

Anyone else excited?

I enjoy the series, mainly because Wil and his guests are generally smart, fun and funny people to watch. But I have little to no interest in tabletop gaming, hence won’t be playing.

I won’t be playing. But, I do love the show, and the wife and I have regularly been inviting people over to play games. We’ve really gotten into Munchkin. We have a newborn and this is pretty much the only way for us to have adult contact.

Our goal for next week is to learn how to play Pandemic.

Pandemic is a great game. It really is geared to ratchet up the tension. If you like that, give Forbidden Island a chance too. It’s another co-op game.

As for TableTop day, yup, we’re having friends over and I’ve got a ton of unplayed board games including the new expansion to Cards Against Humanity.

I’m heading over to meet up with a bunch of friends in Virginia. We’ll be playing all kinds of things, but I’ll be bringing Munchkin, Carcassonne, and Cards Against Humanity. I’m hoping to learn Catan, Tsuro, and Ticket To Ride.

I’m new to the gaming world, but so far I’m enjoying it quite a bit!

I think what Wil and Felicia are doing with TableTop Day is a great idea and I hope it catches on.

My game group (and it’s a big group) meets every Friday, including this coming Friday, which is close enough to Tabletop Day that we don’t feel the need to meet again the next day. It’s a great idea though and it looks like the response is going to be equally great.

Good morning, TableToppers!

Please check back in and share some of the games you’re playing today!

In honor of TableTopDay, The Doubleclicks are giving away free downloads of their song “This Fantasy World”, a Dungeons and Dragons love song. I figured I’d share it with you all.

Wil Wheaton has somefree cutouts for you to print out, if you want a Lil’ Wil on your game table or a Trophy of Awesome for winners to take home.

If I come across any other freebies, I’ll be back!

Some friends were trying to start up a regular tabletop group in February, and we got snowed out each of the first two planned evenings… third time is set up for tonight and looks to be a charm. It should be interesting; I’ve played a lot of the newer style board games in the PC and iPad implementations, but this will be my first time with most of these games in person. I expect it’ll be the same for most of the people who are there tonight, and I expect some frustration, but it should be fun!

I played Glory to Rome (did horrible), Castles of Burgandy (won handily), and Manifest Destiny (came in second with some lucky die rolls)


I started out playing Smashup with three others who were as unfamiliar with it as I was. A 5th guy explained it all and then went off to play something else. None of us really enjoyed it, though, and we gave up on it long before anyone won.

Then I played Ticket to Ride, which was fantastic - it’s going on my wishlist now. Easy to get the hang of, and a good mix of strategy and luck.

I finished off with a round of Trivial Pursuit in which I had my butt handed to me, and then I taught a few people to play Blokus (one of my favorites).

I fully intended to take more pictures, but I got into the games and forgot about it. Oh well!

Hey, we played Words with Friends last night on the Ipad, I guess that counts as tabletop gaming, even though the table was virtual. Actually, we play that all the time … when we eat out, we bring along our Ipad and play. So, um … heavy duty tabletop gamer … yeah!

You are missing Arabian Nights :slight_smile:

I’m not much of a gamer and am struggling with a cold, but my husband and daughter played Small World.

We played Gloom, which was a lot of fun because we were really getting into it with the little stories. Then we played Elder Sign, which went off the rails a little because we were getting progressively less sober during the course of the game, and we had more people there by that point so it was a bit more difficult to keep everyone focused. That said, when I rolled a scroll (1/6) in a “win the game on this roll, or else we’re in a lot of trouble” situation, everyone was sufficiently excited that it redeemed everything.

By then it was about 10pm, so we ordered some late night pizza and did our Summer Movie Draft (fantasy box office auction, basically). We finished the evening off with some drunken Cards Against Humanity, which isn’t really a tabletop game but went much better than learning the rules to something new would have at that point in the evening. It was 2am by the time people had either sobered up enough to drive home or drunked up enough to pass out, which is a success in my book.

I was introduced to Sentinels of the Multiverse, a cooperative card game where you play superheroes fighting a supervillain at some exotic environment. First the supervillain does some bad things, then all the superheroes each get a turn, then the environment does things (usually bad). I played as “The Wraith”, who doesn’t have much innate powers but gets to use a lot of awesome equipment (i.e., Batman). We were doing great until the environment, which was actively trying to kill us, caused us to lose all our equipment. Batman without his cool gadgets is just a guy. We tried again with the same characters but a different supervillain & environment and had much better luck.

Some friends and I played Twilight Imperium III on the 30th. Had no idea it was a thing for that day, though, and no one else mentioned it.

I haven’t heard of that one, looks like a trip to my Friendly Local Gaming Store is in order.

Saturday night we started off easy with Zombie Dice. It’s such a light game that it’s like doing a little cardio before working out.

Then we went to play Transamerica-and while I love Ticket to Ride, there’s something about the tension of Transamerica that makes those rounds so much more fun.

After that we went through the instructions and lengthy set-up for a game called Good Help. After playing it for 30 minutes and having to constantly re-refer to the two pages of rules, we quit the game. I’ve played far more complicated games, but at least there was some intuitive notion of how to do stuff. The mechanics are boring (Roll and move) and the rules didn’t really explain what they needed to, but there were so many if-this-then-that-and-this-too-if-not-that. Just frustrating. We all quit.

We cleansed the palate with 6 Nimmt (Aka Category 5 and some other names too). This is a fun little card game that everyone should have. The premise is quite simple and it appeals to gamers and non-gamers.

The end of the night we pulled out Barbarossa. This version involves making clay figures and having to guess what everyone else has made.

Sunday, we had friends over for brunch and pulled out Bohnanza and Barbarossa (again).

'Twas a good weekend of gaming.