Wil Wheaton's new show about boardgames


Just letting you know it’s going to exist.

Okay, that looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.

Not as fun as actually playing the games, but Wheaton’s awesome.

Nifty: Boardgames, Will Weaton, and Felicia Day! Though I’m guessing there won’t be an episode on Brass, Caylus, or even Power Grid.


And nobody wants to see Sasha the intern get set on fire.

But Neil McNeil will go up like a roman fucking candle, so that should be awesome.


Is this a pay per view webcast?

Subscribing on Youtube doesn’t cost anything. It just tracks that channel and any new video and alerts you when they’re uploaded, kind of like how you can subscribe to message board threads. I get a Youtube digest weekly showing me the new videos on the channels I’ve subscribed to.

I’m kind of guessing at this point, but they want you to subscribe because it’s more useful to track how many individual accounts are watching the channel than simply how many views each video gets.

It’s not just that. You get your content to more people that way. Chances are you don’t just do that one show.

Unfortunately, that means I won’t subscribe. I’ll have to rely on someone here resurrecting this thread when its available. I don’t want it cluttering up my YouTube feed.

Still, the article did use the word Premium to apply to the channel, and premium usually means there is a fee. After looking around, it seems that YouTube is planning on adding premium channels, and they do seem to be implying that premium has its normal meaning of requiring money. But, oddly enough, the channel given doesn’t seem to require any form of payment to see the videos already there.

I do know that, while intriguing in concept, I would not pay for the privilege of watching this show, nor likely any content of this caliber. Get me movies or fictional TV (or web content of high enough quality to fit those two categories) for any chance at that.

If they did want payment, it’d be a hard call. On the one hand, Wheaton, Day, and other geeks playing board games is awesome. On the other hand, these are also pretty much big advertisements for the board games in question. I’m not terribly fond of paying for that kind of thing.

It’s possible Youtube is thinking about a YT+ kind of thing, like Hulu’s done.

Definitely worth a peek.

Heads up: Episode 1 aired today.

Queueing it up as we speak. Type. Post. Whatever.

Geeky Wil Wheaton stuff of which you might not be aware:

A while back, the guys from Penny Arcade (webcomic), the guy from PvP (webcomic) and Chris Perkins (Designer for the official Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons system) got together and ran a D&D game, which they recorded as a podcast.

For the second and third sessions, Wil Wheaton sat in.
This is when it got truly hilarious.

The first four sessions are available only as mp3 podcasts, although you can listen to them straight from your browser as well.

You can find themRight Here, the official WotC website so don’t worry about copyrights, Mods.

Recently (2010) they got together at a gaming convention and did it again, only this time they had cameras rolling as well. I strongly suggest you listen to the podcasts first, however, otherwise you’ll miss some of the inside jokes. For example, Wil screams any time someone mentions the word “acid”, and with good reason!

Session 5: Now with YouTubevideo goodness

Session 6:More Youtube Video

I’ve spent the last month or so tracking these down and listening to/watching them. Good stuff.

PS: Wil? If you’re reading this… THANK YOU!

Better Link to the Videos for the
2011 Pax Show.

I thought I’d resurrect this thread with the release of the latest episode with Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, and Steve Jackson. Sandeep is in The Guild with Felicia, and Steve Jackson is … one of the greatest game creators and the man behind Steve Jackson Games. The show is about them playing Munchkin, a game created by Steve. There are some funny moments (more than all the other episodes together IMHO)

As I am lazy, I here ask: What game do they play?

Very, very lazy it seems.

At Phoenix Comicon, Wil was asked what his favorite episode of Tabletop is, and he replied Fiasco. We haven’t seen that one yet, so just FYI when it comes up. I’m looking forward to this Munchkin one though, since I’ve often thought about buying the game.

I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the show. Ticket to Ride went up for sale on Steam right after the corresponding Tabletop show aired, so I picked it right up. Not quite as intimate as an actual boardgame, but fun is fun.

Wow, I didn’t even link the show? I’m the lazy one.


Wait, I said Munchkin in my previous post. Laziness abounds!

This is the first episode I watched all the way*, and it was fun. I was thinking about buying it, but: HOLY CRAP! Twenty-five bucks for something that probably costs $1.38 to produce?!?!?

Not a chance.

*I, in no way, shape or form could be considered a “gamer”.

Actually, Steve Jackson is two of the greatest game creators. There are two well-known game designers with that name. So you have to specify whether you’re talking about the American Steve Jackson (he’s the one that founded Steve Jackson Games) or the British Steve Jackson (he’s the one who founded Games Workshop).