Tachy goes to Coventry?

What’s that mean?

I mean, I know what it DOES…and what it entails, being an admin on another board. But how did it get it’s name? :confused: Is it from a movie?
For the record, Tachy goes to Coventry on some boards is a setting you can put a member on so that they are on everyone’s ignore list automatically, however they can still see their own posts and replies.

Oohh, sneaky. :stuck_out_tongue: So I’d think many wouldn’t realize they were on that, and just thinking they were being ignored (I have to admit, I’ve been placed on it before on another board I used to go to and didn’t even know it until someone IMed me saying they couldn’t see my posts and topics even though they knew I was making them).

But all that aside…what the hell did it get it’s name from? Some reference I don’t know about, obviously. Probably an easy one. :smack:

I don’t know if you have the phrase to be sent to Coventry over there, but it means to be shunned or ostracised. Perhaps it’s something to do with that, although who Tachy is I don’t know. A couple of theories about the origin of the phrase at World Wide Words.

Apparently it was named by vBulletin developer Kier Darby. From http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=39499

It’s a British thing; you wouldn’t understand. :slight_smile:


Ohh…inside joke, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


They have a game called cricket and a food called faggots–I’ve long since given up trying to understand. :wink:

And Magdalene College is pronounced Maudlin College.

Go figure.

I assure you, if you had ever visited Coventry the meaning would be clear to you :slight_smile:

And Tucson is pronounced too-son :slight_smile:

…holy crap! I maybe able to partly answer this one!!!

There is a huge Science Fiction Sub Community dedicated to Vs Battles, homemade Science Fiction Movies, etc. Kier Darby took over the running of a website known as www.spacebattles.com from Johan, the original creator of Spacebattles and the “creator” of a number of movies on the site. Tachy was the (from memory) admin of a rival site called Sci-fi-art.com and there a number of “board wars” and skirmishes between the two sites. Needless to say the battles were not pretty, and Tachy and Kier were not the best of friends-the war was one by SB in the end… My guess is that Kier named the function after Tachy as an injoke: and probably invented the function to deal with Tachy over the years… I’m sure there are other Spacebattlers on this forum who can expand and correct my answer-I’m relying a lot on memory here.

(Off topic: for Sci Fi Fans, check out the movies, my favourite is Galactica
http://spacebattles.com/movies.php?action=view&movieid=18 )

As for Coventry, Kier is a Brit (IIRC), and the whole thing is just dripping in British humour…


But why Coventry, particularly? Being sent to Portsmouth or Plymouth or the London docks would have been just as bad. Maybe it’s because Coventry’s cathedral was famously destroyed in a WW2 air raid.

As Coventry born and bred I cannot agree with the phrase “totally devastated on a nightly basis” OK there were some serious air-raids but compared to other cities Coventry got off lightly. In the two worst air-raids the combined death toll was only 1000. I suppose the city was one of the first to suffer from bombing and that is why it is remembered. There was even a new word invented "Coventrated, meaning destroyed by air-raids. You can read about the Coventry air-raids here, just scroll down the page a little.

Google ‘sent to coventry’ and you’ll get plenty of explanations. Basically, nobody knows. But the phrase is at least several centuries old: http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-cov1.htm

That English. She is a funny lingo, no?

That page is so dripping with errors, it’s laughable. For example:

Since Waltzing Matilda was written in 1895, and the Battle of Gallipoli took place in 1915, old Banjo Paterson must have been mighty prescient – you’d think he would have warned someone :rolleyes: . One might link the two tragic episodes in one’s mind, but that doesn’t make WM a “musical record” of Gallipoli.

Given that “The Old Sea Dog” also misidentifies the Dam Busters squadron as the 636th, and the Desert Rats (British 7th Armoured Division) as the Eighth Army (to which it was assigned for a time, but preceded as a unit designation and is by no stretch equivalent), I would be very skeptical about any so-called “facts” drawn from his site.