"taco n*****s" - no warning issued, mods?

This post used the phrase “taco niggers”. That seems like about as clear-cut a violation of the rule against hate speech as I have ever read here. I reported it, asking for a response, and have not heard anything back. Mods, a penny for your thoughts?

You were the target of the insult, not the migrants.

That post is loaded with epithets. taco n___ is consistent with the rest of the post.

Oh c’mon HD, this is a stretch even for you.

Post reported for hate speech.

Another way the Board could raise funds. :smiley:

The Straight Dope Swear Jar?


Is that an exception to the rule? Can we use hate speech as long as we’re insulting another poster? The “Revised Forum Rules for the BBQ Pit” say:

What does that have to do with anything? If an entire post is laced with hate speech is it then exempt from moderation?

Hey Ditka, I’ll own up to it and take the warning without a fight (if the mods even consider it worthy) AND apologize to you if you own up to, and explain/discuss your OKC bomber “wasn’t entirely unreasonable” line in the pit with us.

Context is everything. It wasn’t hurled as an epithet. The word was used in a sentence describing the attitudes of people like you.

Ditka - since you’re obviously reading the threads (and there are 2 open with your name on them), it would be swell if you would join in.

I strive to not post in the Pit. I can’t imagine anything productive coming out of such a thread, so I’ll have to decline.

I have, at times, toyed with the idea of posting in the Pit, for example as an April Fool’s joke or something. Maybe we should do it as some sort of pay-per-view special or something to raise money for the SDMB: “Limited time only, Ditka in the Pit” “He promises to read every post in the thread” “Only $9.99 to participate”. I bet that would get some takers.

As an aside, if one day you’d like to have a civil discussion on the OKC topic, feel free to start one in another forum, or PM me.

I don’t regularly read the Pit threads either. This one came to my attention because snfaulkner linked to it here in a reply to me.

This is probably getting off-topic for this thread, but I do wonder: how do you think the experience would be improved by my participation there?

Wait, you think you’re winning arguments? Are you Charlie Sheen?

Perhaps this discussion would be best conducted in another thread in another forum.

I always knew you read that thread, but I’m surprised you admit it so readily. :wink:

Perhaps you should re-read post #13.

LOL. Of course. I definitely believe you. :wink:

I don’t care if you do / don’t believe me, but where do you imagine I “admit[ted] it so readily”?

Of course, you don’t care, but you’re oh so curious…